Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Cheap" Gas

In May, I posted a gas station sign advertising gas for $3.38 (regular).  Sunday, the lowest price I found around Nashville was $3.89. . .*IF* a station had gas.  And, you have to have a Kroger card to get that price.  Without the Kroger card, regular gas was $3.89 per gallon.

Stations here are still experiencing a run on gas, and AAA estimates that more than 60% of stations in Middle Tennessee are OUT of gas.  The oil refineries that supply this area are running at full capacity, so that is not the problem.  "Authorities" think that our shortage is due to people buying more gas than they need, as well as the panic that the shortage rumor set off.  The AAA estimate is that area gas stations should all have gas again by Friday.

A side note:  Over the past few weeks, I have been working on my MFA field study, http://nashvillewordadventures.com.  Since I don't know HTML, I had to rely on a site builder, so the capabilities were pretty limiting.  I tried, though.  ;-)
If you have a chance, I hope you'll check it out. 


Abraham Lincoln said...

I saw your blog and found a piece of history your camera recorded. It is a blink, stopped dead-still, exposing a moment in time and the beauty you saw at the gasoline pump. LOL.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

I went to your website and immediately scrolled down looking for a place to comment and found none. Shucks. That's why I gave my sites up. Not interactive.

Hope said...

During Ike, the gas in Knoxville went over $5.00 a gallon. Now we're back down to $3.00something. Just awful, really!

Halcyon said...

Glad we've still got plenty of gas down here.

I took a look at your site. Very interesting and informative! I am also a fan of Bill Bryson. He's so funny.

Lawstude said...

visiting your blog always feels like i am at the front seat of the car with extended view of the surroundings. i know that i could not go to such place and i thank you for sharing these wonderful images to us.

by the way, sorry for not visiting sooner. just had a weeklong vacation and the work just piled-up. i'll catch-up on my readings/blog-hops once my sched returns to normal. have a nice day friend.

Jim said...

Yeah, cheap gas all right. We are holding steady around $3.59.

Rambling Round said...

That gas price is about the same as here. Abe over there can provide good help with your website project. He knows HTML. Nice site BTW. I love your writing prompts.

Lady Di Tn said...

problem was too much demand because of panic. Can I get to so and so etc etc. Nuf on gas. I meant to comment on "A Bottle of Red A Bottle of White" post of 9-15. I was hurting and in the floor from laughing at you girl. What a hoot. Peace

Jana said...

We just went down to $3.99! We haven't seen gas under $4 in a year!