Saturday, May 10, 2008

Giving the U.S. Gas

I know this post may set off some of you who live in other parts of the world, but I cannot help but post this today.

Last weekend, we were driving to meet friends and needed to stop for fuel.  We passed dozens of gas stations during our drive, and prices ranged from $3.61/gallon to $3.38/gallon.  I realize that in Europe and elsewhere you are all paying a lot more than we are . . . In some European and Asian countries, the cost of gas is over $7/gallon.  (By the way, in Venezuela, the cost is 12 CENTS/gallon.)

This leads me to wonder a few things:

First, why are we (all over the world) so dependent on oil?  Why must automakers put us at the mercy of oil?

How can a station charge $3.38/gallon in one location and $3.59/gallon in a different location a mile away?

How can a station change the price of a gallon of gas THREE TIMES in one day?

Why is it that when the price of a barrel of oil goes up, the price of a gallon of gas goes up; but when the price of a barrel of oil goes down, the price of a gallon of gas goes up? 

Did you know that a barrel of oil in the early 70s cost $3?  In the mid-90s, the cost of oil fluctuated between $10 and 20+/barrel.  Today, the cost of oil is $126/barrel.  (Add 20% or so to the first numbers to account for inflation.)

Did you know that in 1978, Americans were paying an average of 65 CENTS for a gallon of gas?  Today the nationwide average is $3.67.  (Again, adjust for inflation by adding about 20%.)

Did you know that some airlines are now flying their planes at lower speeds to save gas?  Southwest estimates it saves millions of dollars by doing this.

What can we do about this???

I need a horse.


Jim said...

A start would be not to vote for McSame. I heard that one of the major oil companies who name rymes with flex-on is starting a multi-million dollar PR campaign to let us know the record breaking profits dont mean anything, they are hurting also.

Tanya said...

Lots of great questions, no answers! I often wonder if the price will ever drop again to a reasonable rate? We have a horse but still rely on the old vehicle, ugh!

Brandon said...

But you must call into question... Which is more affordable/tolerable in the long run? Owning/Maintaining a Horse or owning/maintaining a car?

Lady Di Tn said...

Great questions. We in this wonderful county need to park those cars and maxism the rail system. I would rather have a mule than a horse. I have been kidding Prince for years that I was gonna buy a mule and now it might not be a joke. Peace and Happy Mothers Day

crittoria said...

I've got a horse I can sell you! Just kidding!! It would cost too much in gas to drive him down to you!

George Townboy said...

This is an awesome post!! I have a similar post on Kissimmee today!! Too funny.

Ming the Merciless said...

I pay a tax-deductible $86 per month for my unlimited use subway & bus pass.

NYC is expensive but the transportation can be super cheap. Granted, you have to stand next to strangers every day but you'll get used to it.

slinger said...

An awesome post with some great questions. I am feeling the pain up here in Minnesota too and getting a very poor attitude when a politician talks about talking the oil companies more....who do they pass it on too? All of the auto drivers of course!

Taking money from one business to fund another [ethanol] is a joke. If ethanol was so good, let it stand on it's own feet and let the market decide it's own fate.

Arrgh...this is a hot button topic for me, hahahaha....


GMG said...

Chris, 7USD a gallon? Please, we are paying USD 9.44...
Sorry, USD 3.38 is simply obscene!!

Lessie said...

Ugh. We're up to 3.54 here.