Thursday, May 8, 2008

Victims of Violence-Children's Memorial Garden

On the westside of Centennial Park in Nashville is the Victims of Violence Children's Memorial 
Garden.    Filled with beautiful flowers and plants, the garden is a perpetual memorial to area children who have lost their lives violently. Blocks on the walkway are paved with the names of the children (left).  Unfortunately, there are too many names engraved on the pavers in the garden.

Tomorrow:  SkyWatch Friday and an update (of sorts).


Halcyon said...

Even one name is too many!

Great post. I am hoping to organize a visit to Nashville this fall. I'm getting lots of ideas from your blog. :)

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful, but such a sad reason.

Wondering if this is something like the Childhood Abuse Awareness, around here? Blue ribbons are placed on trees, up and down Broadway, for this.


quintarantino said...

Even a single name would be too much, but even so I think it's a very well done thing not to let their names (at least that) by forgoten

Clueless in boston said...

It is unfortunate that cities have to have such memorials.

Parisian Heart said...

Hi Chris ... I live in Nashville (grew up here, spent a decade or so away, and have been back for about eight years now), but I didn't even know about this memorial. How long has it been here? As smilnsigh pointed out, it is such a beautiful place yet for such a tragic reason.

I like it that you showed the Parthenon the day before as well. I often mention it to tourists ... It's a special place about which many people are unaware. Nashville is fortunate to have the world's one exact replica of the Athens original.

I'm also new to your blog, having found it via Eric's Paris one, which I discovered a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for showing that Nashville's culture includes so much in addition to country music.