Tuesday, May 6, 2008

These beautiful rockers are the designs of Alan Daigre.  Made complete of hardwoods, the conform to the body's shape because of how he puts them together.  He hand-carves each of the pegs, joining them with one rope that runs the entire length of the rocker.  When you sit on the rocker, the pieces conform to your body, making the chair extremely comfortable.  Alan started out making Shaker-style rockers, but finding them uncomfortable for most body styles, he worked on this process.  

Most of the wood he uses in his rockers comes from indigenous Tennessee hardwoods, usually found on his 70-acre property SE of Nashville.  The rocker above is a mix of different woods including maple and black walnut.  The rocker below is black walnut.  My photos don't do justice to the grain of the woods Alan uses.  

I like the black walnut chair.  My husband likes the other.  How about you?


Anonymous said...

Rock a by baby ... eu quero uma cadeira assim!!!

Jim said...

I like the black walnut. but both are great. Where does he sell these?

Southern Heart said...

Very pretty chairs...I think I prefer the second one.

Halcyon said...

Both chairs are beautiful, but I am on your side. I prefer the all-walnut version.

Do you have one in your own home?

Ming the Merciless said...

Sorry for not visiting lately. Been swamped at work. Thanks for dropping in on NYC Daily Photo.

I love rocking chairs that this is an excellent specimen. Something about the rocking motion that makes me relax.