Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Construction City #3

For the next several days, I thought that I would continue my construction series and show you a number of projects (and workers) in the area.  I shot this photo of a construction worker the day of the Music City Marathon.  He was watching the runners whose route took them past the corner of the building on which he was working.  It was very early on a Saturday, and a couple of crews were already at work in The Gulch, another area in SoBro.  Tomorrow, I'll show you his building and tell you about The Gulch.

A couple of people have mentioned the cost of the condos downtown, so I thought that I would throw out a couple of facts:

* The building sizes vary from project to project with some having fewer than 5 floors while others have more than 20 floors.
* Square footage in the condos also varies greatly, although many developments have condos that have less than 1000 square feet of living space.  In fairness, there are some that have 1200, 1300, and over 2000 square feet.  The smallest that I found was 615 square feet**, and the largest was 2672 square feet.
* Most of the buildings have common areas that feature pools, workout rooms, etc.
* Many of the developers plan to add local retail space.
* The costs vary greatly from building-to-building as well as from condo-to-condo.  The lowest price that I found was $194,700 for a 744 square-foot condo, and the highest price (that I found) was $799,900 for 1829-square feet.  The median price is probably in the mid-$300s.

** Included in that 615 square feet is a kitchen, living space, bathroom, bedroom and closets.  That is not a lot of space.

Could you live in a condo that had 615 square feet of living space?


Ming the Merciless said...

I currently live in a 750 sq ft one-bedroom apartment, which is considered large in NYC.

And like most people who live in small apartments, I tend to edit out what I need vs. what I want in the apartment. I don't have as many clothes or appliances as people who live in huge houses. I also tend to give away stuff when I don't need them anymore instead of storing them (in the garage or attic, which I don't have).

I have a very specific policy about buying things. If I buy a new pair of jeans, I will have to throw out an old pair. That way, NO additional item gets into the apartment. :-)

Ming the Merciless said...

N.B.: Bless your heart! I bet you don't eat much carrots nowadays. :-)

Chris said...

Your apt. is 25% larger than the smallest condo here. Our son, who lives in FL, lives in 700 sq feet. Unfortunately, he has not yet learned to edit out the things he doesn't need. . . like the 1000 t-shirts and 2000 CDs (or so it seems).

magiceye said...

wonderful portrait

Anonymous said...

Small is probably the way to go in cars as well as houses. I would have problems with it but then we spend all day except to eat and sleep in my office which is 24 by 26.