Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saturday in the Park II

Centennial Park is a wonderful Nashville treasure, and there is no better place to spend a nice, sunny Saturday.

Located about two miles west of downtown and across West End Ave. from Vanderbilt University, Centennial Park was originally farmland.  The 132-acre park was the site of the Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition in 1897, and the full-scale Parthenon has been the centerpiece of the park since.  (Click here to see my post on the Parthenon which is to the right of the guy sitting under the tree.)  The park is the site of dozens of activities every month, including craft festivals, open-air concerts and dances, Shakespeare in the Park, picnics, and more.  

TOMORROW:  I'll show you a view of the park from the portico of the Parthenon and tell you another little-known fact about Centennial Park's entrance into the high-tech world.


ken mac said...

was this saturday? Where is everybody? !

Hope said...

A shady spot in the park...what could be better! Nice photo!

Kate said...

This looks like a great place to rest and contemplate life (and the state of the stock market...whew!). Enjoy the weather now before it changes, I guess.