Saturday, September 6, 2008

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

My dogs are getting older; Kasey is 13.5 years old, and Decker (featured) is 12.5 years old.  As dogs age, they develop health problems, as do people.  Kasey, the female, is in early kidney failure, although the medication and prescription dog food that we've been giving her for the past five months seem to help keep it in control.  

She is not wild about the prescription dog food, so she won't eat her food in the morning.  Decker doesn't like to eat first thing in the morning, so he usually leaves his food until 10 or 11 am.  If we don't watch, Kasey will go over and eat Decker's food.  Decker is not crazy about that, as you would imagine.

Lately, we have noticed that he tries to cover his bowl in what we think is an attempt to "hide" the food from Kasey (above).  I happened to catch him in the act a few days ago (below).
The funniest thing, however, is that Decker is attempting to hide Kasey's food.  Since we have hardwood floors, we have heard little "dings" on the floor.  I've caught him taking her food out of her bowl, piece-by-piece, dropping it on the floor, covering it with her placemat, and turning her bowl upside-down.  Unfortunately, I haven't had the camera with me, but I'll catch him!

Do your animals do anything quirky?


Somayeh said...

your pictures are so intersting .
I will come there ( murfreesboro )2 next months.
can you give me some information about this ?

Jilly said...

Lovely photos, Chris. Kasey is trying to 'bury' his food. That's what dogs do - save it for the future, hide it from others!

You may find he's more interested in the food if you mix the special dry food with the same product but in tinned form. More expensive, of course, but he might be tempted. Mind you, looking very well I think!

Saretta said...

Poor doggy...bad people messing with his food! ;-) We have two cats, but the verb "have" is a bit strong for one of them...she shows up at the back door only at breakfast, lunch and dinnertimes! We also have two dogs that bark all night and sleep all day...and a rabbit that likes to chew on electric wires!

Knoxville Girl said...

Aw, sweet doggies.
My late, great shih tzu would pull dirty socks and underwear out of the hamper and parade it around the apartment in front of guests. Good thing I don't embarrass easily.

Ming the Merciless said...

What a cute and adorable story! I swear, dogs make the best pets and sometimes, they are more human than we give them credit for.

I have a pet rock. He sits quietly on the desk, doesn't move much and sometimes, I forget he's there and he doesn't seem to mind. :-)

Somayeh said...

my email address is

Lynette said...

How interesting! Duncan sneezes when he wants to get our attention--he's been doing that for years. And after he eats supper and has a walk, he often takes himself to bed, climbing the doggie stairs up onto the queen-sized bed he shares with Mama.

Halcyon said...

Awww... I just a love a good doggie story. It's funny the things they get up to!

I don't have any pets currently, but I used to have a fat kitty. I called him tub kitty because he would stand on his tub of food every morning and meow until someone came to feed him, usually me.