Friday, September 5, 2008

SkyWatch Friday: Corn Fields and Clouds

I'm cheating a bit today.  I took this photo when Nashville Daily Photo visited Plain City, Ohio about two weeks ago.

As you can probably tell, this is a corn field.  As we drove up I-71 from Cincinnati, we were amazed at all the corn fields we saw this year.  Most years, we see soy beans planted all over the place with a few corn fields here and there.  This year, corn was king due, we think, to the push for ethanol.  The corn looked great - tall and green, and my brother-in-law said the crops were pretty good this year.  This corn, by the way, is field corn, meaning it won't make it to your table, although animals might enjoy eating it!

A couple of facts about CORN (in case you were wondering):
*  Corn is about 6000 years old.
*  Corn is America's #1 field crop.
*  Corn is a member of the grass family (No kidding!).
*  Farmers plant approximately 27,000 seeds/acre (WOW!).
*  There are approximately 800 kernels per ear of corn.
*  Over 50% of corn produced in the US is grown in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Minnesota.
*  Over 50% of Iowa's crop is exported.
*  Over 50% of the US corn crop is used for feed.
*  Corn and/or corn byproducts are used in numerous foods.

There's more, but I don't want you to get bored! 

SkyWatch:  Today is SkyWatch Friday, and bloggers all over the world are showing us their bit of the vast sky.  Click here to get the links to other participating blogs (over 240 when I signed on!).


Tommy said...

nice skywatch Friday photo I love how you used the corn field

Gattina said...

We had such a cornfield just behind our house ! Now there are big houses on it ! Sigh*

Lynette said...

Neat photo. Let me tell you, I enjoyed every single one of the 800 kernels on the corn on the cob I had tonight.

I'm trying a SkyWatch photo tomorrow. It always looks like fun when I see photos like yours.

Olivier said...

beau contrasme entre le ciel et le champs de blé.

beautiful contrasme between heaven and wheat fields.

Jim said...

Neat tidbits, I didnt know. The corn is nice and green.

Anonymous said...

Corn is king and rightly so. I don't think much of it is being used to power vehicles though but wish it was.

I like your new profile picture.

GMG said...

Ola Chris!
Interesting post! Great data!
I’ll finally get some days off this year; not much, just from Friday night (September 5th) through Monday morning (September 15th). But I don’t leave you empty hands: a beautiful beach and lots of champagne wait for you at Blogtrotter. Enjoy! ;)

Halcyon said...

My husband and I had corn-on-the-cob for dinner last night.

People in Europe never eat it that way (except maybe at a fun fair). They consider it "pig food". I love it though!

Very nice picture, btw. There's nothing like a cornfield.

Virginia said...

Why am I humming "Oklahoma" all of a sudden??? Also like your countdown to freedom thingy!

Hyde DP said...

I have cornflakes for breakfast and supper!

This looks more green than the yellowish-corn you find in Europe.

Ming the Merciless said...

I love corn on the cob but I rarely eat them because they get stuck in my teeth so badly that I have to floss. And since I eat out 99% of the time, I don't always have floss with me.

Anyway, love the corn field. Also, I won't know what soy bean plants look like. I have seen cotton field, of course since I lived in northern Louisiana for almost a decade.