Friday, September 12, 2008

Rhino Booksellers

I've been busy working on a website for my MFA field study project, and in doing research for it, I happened to stop by Rhino Booksellers.  A used bookstore with two locations in Nashville, Rhino is owned by Fred Koller, a songwriter and author.  Fred, who has penned songs for Loretta Lynn, Lorrie Morgan, Michael Murphy, Leon Russell and others, opened the store by Lipscomb University about five years ago, and the one on Charlotte Pike (above) about two years ago.  He named the stores Rhino Booksellers because the rhino is in danger of extinction as are, he thinks, books.  In this electronic and tech-savvy age, many people have switched to audio and electronic books.

I really liked both stores.  Like most used bookstores, they are chockfull of books.  However, they are both very comfortable and inviting.  The Charlotte Pike store has a number of first editions and signed books that are collectors' editions.  

For more information on Rhino Books, click here.  For more information on Fred Koller, click here.

I'm reading a lot of nonfiction for class right now since it's my genre of choice.  

What is the last book you've read?


Abraham Lincoln said...

Ugh! Website? Those are a dying thing, like blacksmithing and hard rubber tire manufacturers. You need ""interaction" and so far, only blogs offer that for free." That is a quote but I can't remember how to spell the guy's name. He is famous though.

As for bookstores with miles of you know about the Grand with 18 miles of books? Type in what you are looking for under a broad category and up pops eternity. You will have to google it as I seem to have lost my link.

Virginia said...

I would like this bookstore. I have almost finished,
" The Photographer's Eye". A great book on composition.

babooshka said...

I could quite happily live in a bookstore, especially this one. Good luck with the website.

Rambling Round said...

I would love to wander around this store! It definitely looks inviting!