Friday, September 12, 2008

Gooey Goo-Goos

If you go to a fair, you will undoubtedly see almost everything you can imagine fried, including candy bars.  Last year, I saw fried Twinkies, Milky Ways, Snickers.  This year, I saw Fried Goo Goo Clusters.  In case you've never tried Goo Goos, they consist of a mound of marshmallow covered with caramel and peanuts covered with milk chocolate.  

Here are a couple of Goo Goo Cluster Facts for you:

*  They were invented in Nashville in 1912 by the Standard Candy Company.
*  They were the first combination candy bar invented.
*  They had no name in the beginning because the company could not agree on a name.
*  The candy bar originally had no wrapper and was sold from casses in stores.
*  The candy bar company is one of the longest-running sponsors of the Grand Ol' Opry.
*  There are now three kinds of Goo Goo Clusters:  Original, Peanut Butter (with peanut butter added to the center), and Supreme (Georgia Pecans replace the peanuts.).
*  Standard Candy Company will ship Goo Goo Clusters anywhere in the world (You can order online.).

For more information on Goo Goo Clusters, click here.

So, have you ever tried fried candy bars?


Hilda said...

No, I've never tried fried candy bars and have no plans of ever doing so. My doctor would go into conniptions! The peanut butter Goo-goo cluster sounds wonderful to me though!

Anonymous said...

But I sure liked seeing someone with a new look!
All is well?

Wayne said...

Garrison Keillor did a spot on all the weird Fair Food on A Prairie Home Companion recently. Apparently there are no limits to what can be put on a stick and deep fried.

A heart attack on a stick. You can eat it on your way to Emergency.

Halcyon said...

I think fried candy bars originated in Scotland. They fry EVERYTHING there.

I don't like candy bars or fried food much - so probably will skip this one. :)

Snapper said...

My great aunt worked at the Standard Candy company for most of her life. I don't remember her having much interest in Goo Goo bars or any other sweets for that matter. I have definitely never had fried candy. I like Wayne's description, heart attack on a stick. That would've made my great aunt chuckle!

D said...

OHHH I LOVE Goo Goo clusters.
Never had them fried though.

MyKnoxville said...

No Goo Goo Clusters for me, fried or otherwise! I took one bite of a fried Twinkie in NYC a few years ago; what turned me off was that it was crunchy, as Twinkies shouldn't be.