Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Morris and Midget

When I was growing up, everyone in our neighborhood drove BIG cars.  My father had an Oldsmobile 88, and others had Chryslers, Pontiacs, Chevrolets, Fords, etc.  New neighbors moved in one summer, and they had an older son who was the first "child" in our neighborhood who was older than early teens.  That kid had an MG Midget, and that was the first "cool" car most of us had ever seen up close.  I don't remember that guy's name, but I do remember that his car was small, burnt orange in color, and very cool. . . . or so we all thought!

The photo on the bottom is an MG Midget, and the one on top is its predecessor.  Both were produced by Morris Garage (Hence the "MG.").  Morris Garage, a British company, started manufacturing cars in 1924.  Unfortunately, they went bankrupt in 2005, although I read that a Japanese firm has bought them and will start production soon (if they haven't already started).
For more information on Morris Garage and MGs, click here.


Wayne said...

Love the Morris Minor. Although some British sports cars are absolute classics with beautiful lines I never did care for the MG Midget.

Basically, once they went away from the angled down door style they lost me.

There is a Minor like that for sale in Vancouver right now. The interior needs some work. They are asking $8500. which doesn't seem too bad in this day and age.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I like these two cars. They sure have lasted a lot longer than things we came up with like the Henry J.

ALso, I don't know if you are interested or not or if you have ever seen a Pileated Woodpecker, but I posted one on My Birds Blog this morning. It is our largest woodpecker and this is the first one I have seen here in 46 years.

Jim said...

I used to love the Midget. I always wanted one. My Mom offered to get me a used Fiero instead. She said its the same thing. I had to say no thanks.

Halcyon said...

Neat, I knew a guy who had an MG when I was in college. It was a neat car, although prone to break-downs.

My MiL also has one - a real right side driving one. She and her husband (not my husband's father) used to do road trips in it. Unfortunately, his health has declined and now it just sits in the garage. :(

Lynette said...

Golly, what great looking cars. You've taken some great photos, Chris. I love this sort of stuff! I got to ride in an MG convertible in 1972, at least I think it was 1972. It was one of those with the door that sloped downward to the bottom of the car, sort of curved. Anyway, it was with my cousin and her boyfriend and I can't remember how we all fit in the car!