Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nashville Has Gas

Have you heard that we are having a gas crisis in Nashville?

Friday, a rumor that area stations were going to run out of gas started going around, and Nashvillians headed to the closest station.  An area Kroger gas station had cars lined up from the pumps and back around the parking lot.  Sam's Club had cars lined up through the lot and down the entrance drive.  Other stations had cars lined up along the street.  

Some people waited over an hour to fill up.  Others waited over an hour to get to the pump and find out that the person before them got the last drop of gas.  Some people ran out of gas while waiting to get gas.

As of yesterday evening, over 75% of area stations were dry.  

This morning, a Kroger gas station that received gas last night opened at 6 am, and people started lining up.  As of 9:45 when I took this photo, the line was still about 30-40 cars long.  One man about 2/3 of the way back told me he had been in line about 10 minutes.  Five Kroger employees were directing traffic, and one told me that the average wait at that point was 20-30 minutes.

While I was taking the photo, a tanker arrived to refill the station.

Gas here ranges from $3.89 (the least expensive that we've found) to $4.29 per gallon for regular.

We have not waited in line to get gas, by the way.

How much is gas in your area?


Jim said...

Its only $3.59-$3.69 around here. My fave store ran out of gas on Thursday, but not for the reason you think. He's going from Mobil to Texaco.

Denton said...

Our gas prices are not out line with the rest of the US. And we have only experienced a few lines.

Now, Nashville still has gas it is just that all the gas is in all those full automobile tanks.

I understand the pipeline, servicing the South East is up and working just fine.

Halcyon said...

We had those rumors flying lately around here too. I think gas at the Flying J was 3.73 when I drove by this morning.