Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Think Green

While we were walking the streets of Franklin before the Jazz Festival the other night, we saw this electric car parked on Main Street.  A two-seater, it has a bit of room behind the seats for packages and other stuff.  The car was parked, but we saw the cord rolled up in the back, and where the gas cap would normally be (toward the back on the passenger side), we saw a cap that we assume was where one would plug in the cord to power up the car.    

I don't remember the cost. . . . I think it was about $17,000.  What I do remember is that the sunroof on this car ran about $1200 extra.

If you want to read more, you can check out the website by clicking here.  Their site is being developed.

Personal observation:  We think you could probably park this car perpendicular to the curb and still be within the parking stripes.  We also think you could park two of these cars comfortably in one space the regular way.

So, would you drive an electric car?


Jim said...

I would drive it. I think it looks neat.

Anonymous said...

I hope they can come up with an alternative to these kinds of cars. The problem with the electric car is that when you plug it in to recharge it that uses more electricity created by coal-fired furnaces. I listened to a program on Public Radio about this very thing the other day and the future is pretty dim and dismal. The batteries on some of these weigh a ton and their contents are a nightmare to clean up after a crash. All in all I think our country would be far better off either walking, taking public transportation or starting a business at home.

It is a nice photograph and the post raises some serious questions.

Snapper said...

Thanks for this photo and link Chris. I would drive an electric car in a heartbeat! There is a huge demand for them here in BC. For now, I'm just riding my bicycle and leaving my pickup truck parked except when absolutely needed. A tank a gas lasts me at least a month.

Halcyon said...

I would certainly drive an electric car. Although I'm not sure they are necessarily "greener". It depends on how the electricity to run the car was produced. If it's from a generation plant that uses fossil fuels, that's not necessarily better.

Knoxville Girl said...

Right now I regard electric cars as an interesting curiosity. Abe and halcyon brough up some salient points about other aspects of these vehicles that I have also been pondering.
Also, to answer your question about my Greek dinner, I'd have a red wine, probably a Greek agioritiko.

ken mac said...

Chris, thanks for visiting my site today. I think you read the linked article more thoroughly than I did! And the other nothingsacred site is my joke....I like that car...wish I owned one!

Lawstude said...

lovely captures. looking at your work really transports me in a different place. great job.

and yes, i will drive an electric car for our environment. go green.

Ming the Merciless said...

If I drove, I would definitely drive a green car.

I find our addiction to (foreign)oil quite disgusting.