Saturday, February 9, 2008

What's an LP?

Thos of you old enough to have been around before CDs, iPods, MP3s, digital recorders, iTunes, etc. probably remember LPs (short for long-playing). Remember the great covers that most of the albums had? I know a few people who frame and display their favorite album covers even today.

I found a wall filled with old album covers (above) in McKay's Used Books and CDs in Nashville. McKay's has quickly become one of my favorite places to browse. They have thousands of books, all neatly arranged on plain, wooden shelves (nothing fancy). In addition, they have CDs, audio books, books on tape, movies, and video games.

Because they are used, the books come in all kinds of conditions, but I've yet to find one in really bad shape. Most of the ones I've bought have actually looked almost brand new. Prices are great . . . I've paid as little as 10 cents for a paperback. One book that I need for my class is running $5-7 used online (plus shipping), and I found it in like new condition at McKay's for $1.

They buy books, CDs, audio books, etc. You can get cash or trade for your stuff. Of course, what they give you depends on the condition of the item, how old the title is, etc. They don't buy everything, but they are fair.

And, they have a bin in front of the store where they put "FREE BOOKS." Anyone can take anything out of the bins. While you might not want some of the stuff in there for reading, you could use it for paper art. There are a lot of paper artists out there that use book pages in collage work.

Back to the album covers. . . .How many do you recognize?
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Lady Di Tn said...

I need to take a day and check it out. If you have not done so, you can get great deals on books at the This N That Trift store at 51st and Georgia. They also have an array of other items to check out. All the profits goes to support St. Lukes.

isabella said...

I am too young to recognize any ;-)
(Popeye had an album?)

The bookstore sounds kind of place. Do they have books in foreign languages?

Gail's Man said...

I have quite a number of vinyl albums, including some you've shown. A shame I don't live in Nashville, as it sounds a great shop.

Mo said...

Too many! Do they have any 8 tracks? :)

Wanda said...

I recognize too many. I think that dates me! What a great idea for album covers.
When my husband's brother passed away a year ago, we found boxes and boxes of LP's. Haven't had time to go through them...Now I will.

Have a great weekend.

Rosy said...

I still have many LP's left over from the late sixty's and seventies as of yet, even though I had given many of them away as christmas presents and even sold some not long ago.

Jim said...

Those bring back memories. If we had only kept the darn things. I remember, I would buy an album and be so excited if the sleeve had pictures on it. Oh and the double albums like the Thriller one on top. I played mine on a plasic record player that was blue. The lid folded down and it had a handle so you could take it room to room. If the record started to skip you taped a penny or dime on top of the needle. Oh well, to much rambling.

Me said...

Chris, sorry to have to tell you this, but your photo is not coming up. Previous post seems fine though.

Rosy said...

I'll be sending you an email in reqards to your questions over at my blog about my art and rubber stamping.
:) Thanks

lv2scpbk said...

My brother-in-law has so many LP's. He still plays them and doesn't want to get rid of any of them.

Halcyon said...

I don't recognize any of those particular covers, but I do know what an LP is. Although I guess I am of the generation of cassette tapes. :)

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Yeah I do recognize most of them being so old and all! I love that Journey album, and John Cougar's...I remember that "Hurts so good" song. That big mouth must be Carly Simon's, the one top left is John Denver of course...we could be talking all day about our memories. Those album covers represented something more than just a sleeve. Now with plastic cases and sheets of paper everything is so cold and worthless. Thanks for this wonderful cropping of the collage. They all mean a lot to me.

Belgrade Daily Photo said...

Have you seen this site?

An interesting photographic use for old LPs! (scroll down to see the pictures)

smilnsigh said...

John Denver. Carlie Simon. Neil Diamond. Rick. Elto. Johhny. Audrey at 'Breakfast At Tiffineys'. Janis Joplin. EAgles. Peter. Beach boys.

But I remember older LP's than these!!! ,-)