Thursday, February 14, 2008

Harris Music Building

This beautiful, Italianate-style home was built in 1876 for Richard Harris, owner of Harris Furniture Company in Nashville. In the late 1880s, Harris became the first African-American on Fisk's Board of Trustees. W.G. Waterman, a Fisk professor, bought the house from Harris and eventually donated it to the university (1909). In 1927, the university named it the Music Annex, and in 1991, they rededicated it as the Harris Music Building.

A couple of facts about Fisk:
* Over 800 students attend Fisk University.
* Fisk has a graduation rate of 77.7%.
* Over 70% of Fisk's graduates go on to graduate and/or professional schools.
* According to the National Science Foundation, more Fisk graduates obtain PhDs in natural sciences than African-American graduates from any other college or university nationwide.



Jilly said...

This is such an attractive building. Love the soft colour and the proportions.

Chris, no I didn't get to see Westminster except for about 30 seconds on CNN when I saw Uno, the winner. Wish I could have seen more. He looks a real cutie.

Lady Di Tn said...

Good photo and again a very informative post. I was over at morenashvillephoto and was reading about Decker and Kasey and came across the post about google oneself. I was heading to visit the sand man when I stopped and read that post and then you know what happen. I lost track of time and went to bed way past my bedtime. First I google me, then my husband, then great great grandfathers on each side. I am so addicted to blogs I guess you can call me a blogaholic.
Chances are we are all out there in cyberspace.
Peace &Happy Valentine day.

Southern Heart said...

That is the most charming building! Your photos of this area have been wonderful, and I've enjoyed learning more about it, too.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Alexander said...

Rich colours. Beautiful shot!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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Mo said...

Happy Valentine's Day.

quintarantino said...

A very nice building with nice color on the walls.

Olá, Chris, espero que tenhas tido um dia de S. Valentim maravilhoso. E que tudo o resto esteja bem.