Friday, February 8, 2008

NDP Editorial Assistants

I thought I would lighten things up a bit today and introduce you to my two editorial assistants, Decker (l) and Kasey (r). In the 8.5 months since I closed Paper Moon, they have been happy to have me home (probably since they don't have to spend the day into the downstairs office with only each other!) and follow me around like little shadows.

They get up early with my husband, and after their morning constitutional and breakfast, they come back upstairs and sleep with me until I get up. When I go downstairs to get my coffee, they trudge down with me. As I head for the stairs to go back up to my office, they race each other to see who can be the first under the desk. They are always ready, willing and able to help if I need their editorial advice on a photo or written piece (right).

And, under the desk is where they stay while I'm working on Nashville Daily Photo, email or my class assignments UNLESS I happen to get up for any reason. Should that happen, they get up and follow me. If I go back downstairs, they run back down. If I go into the bedroom, they follow me there. If I mention the "R" word (ride), they go nuts and knock each other (and sometimes me) over trying to get to the door first.

They are Welsh Terriers. Kasey, the female, is a puppy mill rescue who will celebrate her 13th birthday next week. Decker, the male, is a retired show dog who celebrated his 12th birthday in December. Being small dogs and terriers, they have aged very well. They are both quite active (which you wouldn't know by the photos), vocal (which you would know if you were here and a leaf blew by the window) and funny (which you would know if you were here about two minutes).

Do you have a pet that follows you around?

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures;
they give unconditional love.
For me they are the role model for being alive.
~Gilda Radner


jess the best said...

Hello. My name is Jessica. I'm a girl wh live in France and I love so much country and the city Nashville. I've seen your blog by chance. My dream is to go to U.S.A a day. Bye

Jim said...

Your dogs are very beautiful. I have way to many pets. 2 dogs, 1 indoor cat and 3 outdoor cats.

quintarantino said...

Nice to meet your editoral assistants.
Gosto de ver uma pessoa com sentido de humor e amor aos animais.

Jilly said...

Just adorable! Doing what they love best, sleeping at Mum's feet. Welsh terrier are fabulous dogs. My neighbour had one who sadly died a few weeks ago but at the grand old age of 17. Pretty good I thought.

You don't need me to tell you how many I've got following me about, so I won't - but how about two Westies, two pugs, an Irish setter, two Bedlington terriers, a poodle, and my dog, Beau, the Bruno de Jura, and I'm waiting on a dachshund to arrive...Gawd.

Dutch said...

I have two retired show dogs, who can't sleep under any desk that I have seen since they are Great Danes LOL. We must live close in Bellevue given the storm picture with the powerlines. Lovely things aren't they?

Uma por Dia said...

Seems a description of my dog that now has 16 years but with mentality of 6 months, it may be too descendant of terrier!

oldmanlincoln said...

Oh yes. Dogs are really what makes the world go around; and I have had dogs since I was born 73 years ago and buried our last one in Septembe 2006. I cried; and my wife did too. Now I am ready for another but my wife said we don't want to go though this separation thing again. At our ages, the changes are they dog would go through it and not us. Anyway, our last was a Toy Fox Terrier and a "barky" dog. We still loved her a lot though.

Rambling Round said...

Our newest cat follows me around. When she comes inside, she wants to play and after that, she's content to sit in my lap and help me edit the Selma, Ala., Daily Photo!
Neat post, and I love your dogs.

smilnsigh said...

Precious! And so good to learn that they are both 'rescued' in a way.

Nope, no pets now. And when we did, it was cats. Not exactly the follow you around type animals. ,-)


Wanda said...

Hi, I've seen you on several blog comments, but today when I visited Rosy, I thought I'd come by and visit another artist.

Your dogs are darling. We have a little Shih Tzu, Molly. Love animals.

isabella said...

Do they yell "shotgun" while racing for the car? Adorable duo!

Yes, Truffles is always close to me...unless someone's in the kitchen ;-)

Ming the Merciless said...

How cute!! They looked totally busy assisting you with the blog. :-)

Lady Di Tn said...

I have a black lab, Maggie who goes everywhere I do but she does not like to ride. Funny girl.

Matthieu said...

Your comment is just moving. Please find some shots of my Brittany spaniel who shares part of my life below (a Windswept doggie and a Dog model).
Greetings from Cherbourg-Octeville (France).

Me said...

This is a great post Chris! I just love it! Just today, I was at two different dog events here in Dunedin, the Mardi Parti for Pups and the BOWser Games. I will be posting pics starting tomorrow. What fun to meet Kasey and Decker! Thanks!

PS: This is the word I had to type in to post my comment: nsjnjqxa (I think they are getting harder... it's a conspiracy!)

Rosy said...

Nice to meet your two assistants...I hope they are passed that seek out and destroy stage whereas my dog still in this mode yet. But then I think the senior cat helps him on this one for she tends to knock important papers off of the tallest ledge I can find thinking I put them in a good spot then later I discovered that wasn't a good place afterall for the cat pushes off the papers and the dog chews them up to pieces.