Thursday, January 31, 2008

6o Degrees? HAH!

Over the weekend, we had heard that the temperature was going to reach 60 degrees earlier this week, and that the weather might warm up a bit. Negative on both accounts. The heavy (and I do mean HEAVY) rains that we experienced Tuesday brought in another wave of cold weather. (Cold is a four-letter word, you know.) The upside is that frost on the few leaves still adorning bushes in the area is pretty. I think the bush above is a burning bush, so its green leaves turn red when mature.

How frosty is your world?
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oldmanlincoln said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.

We have had nothing but zero or below zero weather here in southwestern Ohio and tonight and into Friday we are expected freezing rain, sleet, and snow. Some areas 6 to 12 inches. I will be busy keeping the birds fed and the squirrels fed and making sure the pet's water dish is filled with water and plugged in.

I put some peanut butter on the oak tree bark this morning and in five minutes it was gone. Nuthatches and squirrels and woodpeckers took it.

I like the frost on your leaf. It is nice to see frost and if it isn't more than that then it is nice. Tomorrow is the first of next month already and here where we live it is almost always a cold, winter month. And then March gives us some hope.

Meanwhile I plan to look at some nursery or seed catalogs and see what I can find for this spring.

Southern Heart said...

Chris, that is a great made me chilly just looking at it.

We did hit 65 in Memphis two days ago, but had sleet this morning. Memphis is always a weather rollercoaster this time of year.

Jim said...

HA, not 60 huh? We did get to 69 a few days ago, but its suppose to be in the high 20s tonight.