Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Frap House

In a town the size of Murray, KY, one will not find Starbucks. :-( However, there is a great coffee shop - The Frap House. Located across from the Pogue Library, it's a popular hangout for students. And, the coffee is great! :-D

In addition, let me answer a question from yesterday: Yes, Murray State's sports teams are the Racers.

Also, I would like to thank Greg and Janet for giving me a "Make My Day" Award. Since I am out of town yet again, I will post my versions when I get back home and have access to my own computer.


Jim said...

Great play on the name. I would take the local coffee shop over the chain anyday.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot and interesting narrative.

Anonymous said...

I love your quote. We don't have Starbucks either but life is still worth living..