Friday, January 25, 2008

Follow Me

The little calf I showed you yesterday took her first steps not too long after her birth. She took a few minutes to get her balance, and mom did keep an eye on her. Once the baby was steady enough to walk, mom led her over to the rest of the group.

Note the bird at the top of the photo. Always present when calves drop, the turkey vultures go for the afterbirth. If they get too close to the new calf, the mother - or one of the other cows - will chase them away. It's very interesting to watch the group dynamic and see how the cows relate to each other and how they watch out for each other. The cows have a strong maternal link with their calves and keep an eye on the calves, even as they grow larger. If the herd moves from one field to another, the mothers make sure the babies are moving, too, or they stand and call for them. All life is so amazing!

I took this photo through a window, also. Since the cows were so close to the fence line, I didn't want to stress the mom and baby with my presence.


Kate said...

Chris, To me they aren't "just animals." They are fascinating beings that deserve a good life. Like the image of the calf following the mother.

oldmanlincoln said...

I think most animals are like that. Even birds grieve and they look out for one another. I like the photo yesterday and today. It is the start of a new life that is repeated millions of times all over the world. Nice photography, Chris.

Rambling Round said...

That little calf had a chilly beginning to life! Interesting about the bird waiting for the afterbirth.

Ming the Merciless said...

Cool photo. It must be cold out there.