Monday, January 7, 2008

Leiper's Fork Stage

Before we leave Leiper's Fork, I wanted to show you the outdoor stage the town built. From what I understand, they use this venue for a number of cultural activities. On the day I took this photo, the stage was decked out for a holiday reading. Note that the stage's architecture mirrors the quaint architecture of the homes shown in previous posts.

Please note: For the next week (and since last Friday), I am attending an intensive residency for my new MFA program. Therefore, I haven't had the opportunity to elaborate as much as I normally do for my posts, nor have I been able to visit other blogs. I will catch up!
And, I've been tagged by Wayne from Dunedin Daily Photo. I'll post my answers in the next day or so.


Jim said...

Very neat way to incorporate the city style.

Anonymous said...

Would that MFA be a Masters of Fine Arts? Oh my.

And your photography continues to amaze me. You must be in a vehicle or on one about 18 hours a day just tooling around with a camera around your neck, snapping pictures of anything anchored to a foundation.

And the results are just stunning.

You are appreciated by me a whole bunch.


quintarantino said...

Another great shot, Chris.
So they use this for cultural activities? Must be fun...

Southern Heart said...

Chris, that is such a wonderful structure. I've enjoyed seeing the photos from this community.

I hope that your conferece is going well, too!

Chris said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! Leiper's Fork is a really nice town. I forgot to mention today that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman bought a farm in that area last year.

Abe: Yes, I am now officially working towards a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Non-fiction. I've sent you more via private email.

And, yes, I do bring a camera with me everywhere. I figure that that's the best way to capture Middle Tennessee.

Ok. . .I'm off to class! ;-)