Wednesday, January 9, 2008

And, Now for Something Completely Different

Forget Coffee!
Think Tea!!

Tea is the "IN" drink right now. Shops such as Teavana are the Starbucks of the tea world and sell all types of tea leaves, teapots, cups, and more. In downtown Franklin, TN, the Franklin Tea Company sells dozens of types of tea (Have you heard of "chocolate" tea?) and tea products. The different teapots are very popular with collectors. My favorite was the porcelain pumpkin (above). Note the rooster teapot behind it. (I used natural lighting, so the pumpkin's handle is "in the dark."

Please note:I am still attending the on-campus residency for my new MFA program at Murray State University. Therefore, I haven't had the opportunity to elaborate as much as I normally do for my posts, nor have I been able to visit other blogs. I will catch up!


Kate said...

Tea, teapots and tea cozzies are all the rage now? I like tea but I also like coffee. The teapots definitely are interesting!

American Fork said...

Beautiful, never seen anything like it. As for us Utahns... we drink a lot of hot cocoa. ;)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, the pot is nice. Why don't Mr. Coffee make a coffee maker that looks decent?

Your photograph should be an inspiration to millions of would-be tea drinkers but the best I got is an ancient Revere Wear teakettle we got over 52 years ago and a cup that came from some place. Not much to show here for a tea drinker. I suppose tea bags is a no no.

Abraham Lincoln

Rambling Round said...

Cute teapots! My family drank hot tea before hot tea became cool! I prefer sweet iced tea though.

smilnsigh said...

I never learned to enjoy tea. But I'd love to have a pot as lovely as this one!


quin[tarantino] said...

I most certainly will. Would you care for a cup?

Southern Heart said...

I would have had to take both of those wonderful teapots home!

GMG said...

Nice teapot! Perfectly suitable for the tea I'm having now, just before closing and heading to bed... ;)
Thanks for your comment at Blogtrotter where the 150th post moved from Buda to Pest!

Me said...

1st - Delightful to read of your resolutions. Good luck with them.
2nd - Neat teapot post. I don't care much for tea myself, but I love the smell of the unboiled leaves, and something about teapots always appeals to me.
3rd - This idea of 'catching up'... pure MADNESS!!! :D

Jilly said...

Well this answers the question that you have started the writing course! And what an amazing teapot.