Friday, January 11, 2008

Let It Snow (NO!!!)

While walking through a new shopping center in the Green Hills area of Nashville recently, I saw this wonderful window display of paper snowflakes in Anthropologie*. I like it for several reasons: In this very high-tech day and age, the display is simple and beautiful. I also like the fact that they used all kinds of paper, including color papers, newsprint, magazines, etc. What nice way to recycle! And, the snowflakes, while undoubtedly machine-made since this is a chain-store window, remind me of the snowflake chains we made as children.

*Anthropologie is a store that features clothing and home decor items.

Please note: I have today and tomorrow left on my MFA residency, the reason why my posts have, as of late, have been quite short and why I have been unable to visit other sites. I will catch up!!


lv2scpbk said...

I like that snow better than the real stuff. At least those snowflakes aren't cold.

quin[tarantino] said...

That´s a nice window display indeed.

tdrs5 said...

Does anyone know where Anthropologie got the paper snow flakes? I contacted their headquarters and they wouldn't provide that information. So much for sharing! Some one must know who made them for them.