Sunday, January 13, 2008

Red, White and Blue Skies

Driving by this flagpole recently, I saw the flag flapping in the breeze. I pulled over, grabbed the camera and stood beneath the flag just as the breezes stopped blowing. I waited a few minutes, and one slight breeze started up. I snapped the photo, and the breezes stopped, again.

Tomorrow, we'll continue our tour of Green Hills by looking at a famous landmark.


Jim said...

Every time I try to get the flag in the wind it stops moving. We have one flag in town thats huge, it always is snapping in the wind when I dont have my camera. You got a good, clear picture.

Me said...

Bravo to you for stopping for a snap! That's our mark, isn't it... we actually think, "Hey, I want to stop and take a snap of that!" :) It came out pretty nice if you ask me.

Glenn Standish said...

A classic shot of a classic flag!

Sorry for not visiting your site for such a long time but here at TORUĊƒ DP we have been very busy! Doesn't mean we have forgotten about your site though!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Chris that is nice. The colors are so brilliant and the pole to bright that it looks almost artificial. Nice photograph.