Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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The other day, I posted a photo of the control room during a news broadcast. Today, I show you what you do get to see on air - the anchors on set.

Newschannel5 is the award-winning, CBS affiliate in Nashville and is the only local station broadcasting in high definition. The station unveiled the set last January with the first broadcast in HD (SuperBowl Sunday, 2007). In the next few years, more stations will be switching to HD as analog broadcasts phase out. When a station switches to HD broadcasts, there are a number of logistics that change, including the lighting and camera work. Of course, the average viewer really doesn't notice these changes at all.

The Newschannel5 anchors on set are, from left, Ron Howes, chief meterologist, Rhori Johnston and Kristin Priesol, 5 and 10 PM anchors.


Pat said...

How interesting to have a "behind the scenes" look at the News!

Great job!


Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

isabella said...

Suoer photo, Chris!
Is this the station your DH manages? Was he instrumental in switching to HD?

Chris said...

Yes, Isabella, my husband is the news director at this station (Hence the reason I could shoot this and the other photo). While he did have a bit of a hand in the switch to HD, that is more engineering.

Jim said...

I think most of our stations have switched over, we have an HD TV just have sprung for the HD Direct TV service yet. I like the colors of the set, it looks soothing.

Steve Buser said...

I have been on a number of news shows and it is amazing how methodically every works.

-- steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Southern Heart said...

Chris, I've enjoyed your behind-the-scenes photos. My father was in television management for many years, so these brought back a lot of memories.

Rambling Round said...

An inside look! We just updated our cable TV to digital programming this week.
BTW, because of your ability to bring such great shots of Nashville to us, you've received the Make My Day award. Check it out at my site.

Tuppence said...

i love these photos, theyre so fascinating

hope youre having a good day everyone !

quin[tarantino] said...

Nice photos and useful informations on this post.
I also liked tte yesterday photo.

Peço desculpa por ontem não ter podido visitar o teu blogue. Desculpa.

Jilly said...

What a fascinating post. Great to have a little of the inside story and photographs.

And have you started your writing course?