Thursday, January 3, 2008

Puckett's Grocery

Located in Leiper's Fork, Puckett's Grocery has been around since the 1950s. The Puckett family opened the country store and offered not only groceries and sandwiches but also a popular gathering place for the community. People from all over Middle Tennessee - as well as visitors from all over the country - would go to Puckett's for the hamburgers.

When the current owner (Andy Marshall) bought Puckett's in the late 1990s, he gradually expanded the food offerings in response to customer demands. Many of Puckett's customers are songwriters and performers, and in 2002, Marshall decided to feature them in a weekly dinner and show. The Friday night dinner and show has grown in popularity, and reservations are now necessary. A few years ago, Marshall opened a second Puckett's in downtown Franklin which offers the dinner show on Saturday nights.


Anonymous said...

Pucketts reminds me a little of Cracker Barrel with the chairs out front.

It sounds like Marshall made a formula for success.

Nice photoraph too.

quintarantino said...

Always nice to see that there are men like Marshall to keep stores like this coping with future.

lv2scpbk said...

Never heard of this one.

Me said...

How cool Chris! I think I could live at Puckett's Grocery! This is a neat photo of a really neat place... That's neat!

(Oy, did he really say that?)

Re: Paper Players... yes, I have always found stores in old homes to be especially attractive. I imagine there are downsides, but still...

Thanks for coming by my blog. Have a great day!