Friday, September 7, 2007

Do You Like Barbecue?

Most people like barbecue, no matter where they grew up. However, what a person considers barbecue may depend on where he or she grew up as different countries, states/provinces, regions all have different types of barbecue. Some differences are in the meat used, while others are in the sauces and spices used.
But, the one factor that is the same all over is the fact that to make truly good barbecue, one must cook the meat slowly over a low heat. Of course, smokers come in all sizes and shapes, and the fuel they use varies, too. When we go to festivals or art fairs or outdoor events around Middle Tennessee, we usually see restaurants or caterers pulling smokers like the one shown above. The smell of the cooking meat is so intoxicating.
A couple of notes: I grew up on barbecue smothered in tomato-based sauce. In this area of the south, the sauce is vinegar-based. If you do a search of barbecue and barbecue sauce recipes, you'll find that there are *thousands* of them.
Note: I took this photo at Riverfront Park the day of the Dragon Races. In the background, you can see the Hard Rock Cafe. There's a mural painted on the southside of the restaurant's building.

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