Friday, September 14, 2007

Did You Get My Best Side?

As you probably know, there are a lot of different breeds of horses. What I didn't know is that there are also a lot of different breeds (and sizes) of mules, which makes sense since mules are the offspring of male donkeys and female horses. And, depending on their breeding, the mules can be riding mules, draft mules, or jumping mules. From what I can tell by my limited research, the mule above is a "mammoth" riding mule. The mammoths are over 56" in height and calmer than other mules.

Two interesting notes: The offspring of a male horse and female donkey is a hinny. And, mules are normally infertile.

Question: What is the origin of the expression, "stubborn as a mule?"

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rastamule said...

Beautiful Mule there in the picture! I used to have a beautiful red like her but she is now retired and a mascot at a Thoroughbred farm in NC. My family owns about 45 mules or so and about 6 horses for our carriage tour business in Charleston, SC. Mules have been a huge part of my life. Loyal, Strong, Enduring, a mule will never leave you up the creek without your paddle. Hell, he wont even go into the creek if he cant see the bottom! Wonderful animals and if you have any questions on the subject Id be happy to answer ya. Thanks for the space and sorry to intrude!!!!.................MULE

rastamule said...

To answer your question as to the origin of the expression, "Stubborn as a Mule" here goes: Mules are extremely intelligent and they will only work if they are able. For instance, if a mule gets too hot it stops. If it gets too tired, again it stops. Unlike a horse, a mule will not eat himself into the afterlife. ("hungry as a horse")
The main concern in a mules life is self-preservation. So people long ago used too use the term as it related to the mules that would stop plowing in the middle of the day because of exhaustion, intense heat or illness. When all along it was not stubborn at all, in fact quite the opposite. Mule traders have a saying that goes like this
"Its not stubborn as a mule, its just smarter than a horse" hope this helps answer your questions..............MULE

Brandon said...

Interesting Tidbit...
Columbia, TN, located about an hour south of Nashville, is considered the "Mule Capitol of the World". Every year there is an almost week-long festival celebrating this grand tradition with a parade, arts and crafts festival, lier's contest, mule pull, draft mule show, etc... It is normally the first weekend in April.