Sunday, September 23, 2007

bicentennial wall

When I posted a photo of Bicentennial Mall last month, I mentioned that there are a number of highlights to the area. One of my favorites is the 1400-foot granite wall inscribed with historical facts about Tennessee. Tall posts opposite the wall and flanking the sidewalk on the other side mark the different centuries that the facts on that part of the wall cover. There is a gap in the wall signifiying the Civil War.

One interesting fact is that the carvings contained several grammatical and spelling errors when the wall debuted. As a former English teacher, I was a little disgusted that officials let that happen, but was very pleased when the errors were corrected quickly!

Please note: My posting should be back to its regular pace once I arrive back in the States tomorrow evening. Thanks for your patience!

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Steve Buser said...

1400 feet long Must be quite an imposing wall.

Hope you get back all rested and ready to keep up the wonderful photos you post.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo