Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunlight Came Softly. . .

While I was having coffee in a little shop a few weeks ago, I looked over and saw light sneaking through blind on the wall, throwing a striped pattern on this plant and its pot.  I tend to notice light patterns both indoors and outdoors and love how it plays with objects it touches.

Do you pay attention to light?

What is it Wednesday? Revealed. . . .
If you guessed that yesterday's What Is It Wednesday? was a rotting tree, you're half right.  It was actually one of the posts holding up the fence separating our yard from the cow pasture behind us.  Two days after I took the photos, the farmer replaced the rotting post with a metal one.  We prefer the wood, but it's his fence!  ;-)

Exciting note:  On August 2, Nashville Daily Photo celebrates its first birthday. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Is It Wednesday?

This week's What Is It Wednesday is rather apparent. . . . .or is it???  

"Wood" you like to guess what it is?

Tune in tomorrow to see if you're correct!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nashville Public Library Grand Reading Room

The main branch of the Nashville Public Library, located downtown, is a three-story, 300,000 square-foot building.  This branch, which opened in 2001, includes public artwork throughout the building.

Shown above is the Grand Reading Room on the library's third floor.  This 4500 square-foot room features 80, hammered copper panels that tell the history of Nashville.  Click here to read more about them.

If you look out the window at the far side of the room, you'll see the State Capitol.

How often do you go to the library?

Monday, July 28, 2008

In Memoriam

Since every death diminishes us a little, we grieve - 
not so much for the death -  but for ourselves.
~ Lynn Carlson

On Saturday, Michael and I returned home from a daytrip to Memphis to find out that two of our friends had passed away within a few hours of each other.

Don Patterson was with Landmark Communications for a long time before his retirement in 2004.  He started out with the newspaper division and later with the broadcast division, which is how we met him.  He was a great guy, and I'm happy I got to know him through my husband.

Bob Rainey was a sports reporter for my husband at NewsChannel 5 before moving to Minneapolis (WCCO) a few years ago.  Bob was a nice guy, pure and simple.  I always enjoyed talking with him when I saw him in the newsroom.  He was only 46.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Peachy Keen

It's time for fresh peaches at the Farmers' Market!  They vary in price from vendor to vendor, but the average is about $15 per basket.  

I love pies. . . Since I gave up white sugar a few years ago, I have made them substituting Splenda for the white sugar.  I find that I have to add a little juice as the Splenda doesn't cause the fruit to "sweat," and unless you add the juice, pies are not as juicy.  So, I'll add about 1/2 cup of apple or pineapple juice with the thickener, and the pies taste great.

Do you like peach pie?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Circle Players Cut "Footloose"

Circle Players, Nashville's oldest community theater, opens its 59th season this weekend with Footloose.  Featuring the music of Kenny Loggins (also Eric Carmen, Sammy Hagar, ad Jim Steinman), Footloose stars (from left to right in front) Chad Webb (Willard), Hannah McGinley (Rusty), Deonte L. Warren (Ren) and Cali Moore (Ariel).  The production runs from July 25 until August 10.

In 1949, a volunteer group of actors, directors, producers, stage hands, designers and musicians founded the Circle Players.  (My understanding is that Circle Players is one of the oldest community theaters in the United States.)  Over the years, the group has performed in a number of different venues, including TPAC and the basement of the Blue Bird Cafe.  For the past few years, they have called the Z. Alexander Looby Theater (in the Looby Branch of the Nashville Public Library) in MetroCenter home.  Tickets run about $15 for adults, although there are discounts available for certain shows.

For more information on Circle Players, click here.

In the interest of fair disclosure, the board of directors of Circle Players invited Nashville-area bloggers to the production's dress rehearsal, which is why I was able to shoot a few photos (sans flash) during the show.  The above photo is from the final scene (the prom) when the entire cast cuts "footloose."  

Let me commend the orchestra (Jason Bell, Nathan Oxley, Chappy Hull, Dyan Liverman, Josh Baker,Gary Somers and conductor Thom Garrison) for the great accompaniment for this production.  The orchestra is often forgotten since they are not on stage, but these guys deserve many kudos for their great music.

Friday, July 25, 2008

SkyWatch Friday: Clouds, Clouds, Clouds

Driving home from downtown Nashville today, I was watching the sky when I saw these beautiful clouds. . . . Aren't they just perfect for SkyWatch Friday?  when we stopped at a traffic light for a few minutes, I pulled out the camera.  I think the lady in the car next to us wondered what the heck I was shooting since there was just an old field under these clouds.

My question is this:  Do you just look at the sky sometimes?

When I signed on for SkyWatch Friday, there were 194 other bloggers participating.  To get links to other sites, click here.

Tomorrow:  Circle Players and Footloose.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nashville Arcade

Built in 1902, the Nashville Arcade was the city's first shopping center.  Before it was enclosed, the arcade was an alley that extended from 4th to 5th Avenue.  The developers patterned it after an arcade in Italy, and it is one of a very few arcades still existing in the United States.  Today, the arcade houses a number of art galleries and independent (and small) shops.  One of the most popular is a shop where one can buy fresh-roasted nuts.

When we moved to Nashville in 1995, there was a food court in the Arcade, and Castner-Knott (a locally owned department store) was next to it.

WHAT IS IT WEDNESDAY?  Virginia was correct. . . .The close-up was of the diamonds on a storm drain.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Is It Wednesday?

It must look like I'm into rusty things these days, but they do present interesting subjects at times, don't they?  Can you tell what this is?

For those of you new to this, every Wednesday (or almost every Wednesday), I'll post a photo to see if you can guess what I've shot.  Sometimes people can guess right away, and other times, it's a bit more difficult.

Tune in tomorrow to find out if your guess is right or not!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fresh and Fruity

A few MFA students at Murray introduced me to Gloria's, a rather unique restaurant that is across the street from the Murray State campus.  The owner, Gloria, serves a variety of ethnic dishes, including gyros, curries, basmati rice, exotic teas and juices, etc.  The tropical fruit salad (above) is a beautiful mixture of fresh fruits, cheese, nuts and spinach.

Do you like fruit salads?

Monday, July 21, 2008

5/8s of the MSU Nonfiction Posse

If you are a regular visitor to Nashville Daily Photo, you may recall that I am working on a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing through Murray State University.  The program is a low-residency program, meaning program participants are on campus 10 days per semester, and the rest of the time we work one our own at home or wherever we may be.  I just returned to Nashville after my second 10-day residency at MSU.

There are about 30 MFA students going through the two-year program, and our ages range from 20s to 60s, I think.  Each student chooses a genre - nonfiction, fiction, poetry or writing for children.  There are eight of us in literary nonfiction, and we are a pretty tight group even though most of us have known each other for - at most - six months and have had very little contact except during residencies.  The five of us shown above had lunch together yesterday before the end of classes.  We are, from left to right:  Jacqueline Howe, Caitlin Chester, Julia Gregg, Moi (flat hair due to the heat and humidity!) and Rachel Johnson.  Unable to join us were Jacklyn Wolfe, Leigh Wright and Roger Stanley.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tootsie's at Nashville International Airport

Remember Tootsie's Orchid Lounge?   I showed you the original Tootsie's a few months ago (Click here to see the original post.).  The newest Tootsie's  is located in Nashville International Airport just outside security near Concourses A and B.  Because of the horrible fluorescent lighting, you really can't tell that the walls are the same Tootsie Orchid as the original.

Nashville International is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation, adding new restaurants and retail shops on the different concourses.  In addition to Tootsie's, we now have Starbuck's, Swett's, Whitt's BBQ, O'Charley's, Villa Italian, and more.  Anyone who has ever had to travel through BNA knows that we really needed restaurants.  

If you are interested in learning more about the original Tootsie's, click here.

By the time you read this, I should be back in Nashville after 10 days of classes and work.  It will be good to be home!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Printers' Alley

World-famous Printers' Alley gets its name from the print shops and publishing houses that were located in the area in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  The actual alley is to the left of the sign (above) that spans Church Street.  In the 1940s, nightclubs opened in the alley (right), showcasing Hank Williams, Boots Randolph, Chet Atkins, Dottie West and more.  There are still a number of clubs in the alley, as well as condos and apartments with architectural details that mimic the style of New Orleans.

A couple of interesting facts:  Publishing was once a huge industry in town.  At one point, there were over 35 publishers in Music City.  While there are fewer here now, publishing is still big business here.

After liquor was outlawed in the US in 1909, local officials "protected" the Printers' Alley establishments that continued to serve alcohol during Prohibition.

There are bars and entertainment establishments still operating in the alley, although it is not quite as popular as in previous years.

PLEASE NOTE:  One more day remains in my summer MFA residency at Murray State. I'll be back in Nashville tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

SkyWatch Friday: Clouds & Lake"

Our subdivision (neighborhood) has its own little "lake," around which is a sidewalk.  Geese and ducks enjoy swimming on the lake, and there are residents who do fish there.  For a long time, I really didn't know that there were any fish in the thing.  There are a number of homes that are lucky enough to have views of the lake (Mine is not one of them, but I get the cows!).

About 10 days ago, we walked the dogs by the lake as the sun was setting, and I noticed the beautiful sky.  

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Please note:  Two more days are left in our MFA summer residency at Murray State.  I apologize for not being able to comment on blogs due to time constraints caused by classes.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rusty Milk Can

If you look closely, you'll see that where the handle meets the body of this can is the subject of yesterday's "What is it Wednesday?" photo.

My husband grew up in rural Ohio, and his brother is still a dairy farmer up there.  They tell me that many Amish used to put their money in milk cans and bury them for safekeeping.

Where do you hide your money?

Please note:  I'm still on the Murray State campus working through the summer MFA residency.  Because of our long days, I can't comment on blogs.  I apologize but hope you'll understand.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Is It Wednesday? Rusty Thing #2

What is it Wednesday? presents another rusty object for your consideration.  I know it's rusty metal, but it's part of what larger object?

Find out tomorrow!

Please note:  I am in the middle of my summer residency at Murray State, and since classes run from early morning until evenings, I am unable to comment.  I apologize.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bee My Honey

Michael couldn't believe that I got this close to a bee as I'm quite afraid of and allergic to them.  I was about six inches away from it when I took this photo.

Are you afraid of bees?

Please note:  I'm on the Murray State campus until Saturday for the summer residency and won't be able to comment much.  

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mariachi Monday

While walking through downtown Nashville last weekend, we spotted these mariachis heading to a gig. I discovered mariachi music while a student in Saltillo, Mexico and love it to this day. Unfortunately, these guys didn't stop and play for us. :-)

Please note: I'm on the Murray State campus until Saturday for the summer residency. Because classes run from early morning until late evening, I won't be able to comment much. Please forgive me!

Posted at 2:30 CST: I just happen to have a few minutes between classes, and I logged on through the library computers to make sure that my photos have posted via Blogger's "scheduled" service, and I see that today's photo is not here. YIKES. I will try to re-post when I get back to my hotel room later today, although it will be much later. Sorry. I have no idea what is going on.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wildhorse Saloon

If you watch CMT or like country music, you are probably familiar with The Wildhorse Saloon.  While known as a country-music lover's dream, the Wildhorse hosts musical artists of all kinds.  Ringo Starr appeared there last Sunday, and Pat Benatar, Hootie & the Blowfish and Kenny Loggins perform in the next month or so.  If you really want fun, you can take part in their Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp next month!

Opened in 1994, the Wildhorse has three levels and over 65,000 square feet of space.  In addition to the dance floor, visitors will also find a restaurant, bar, TV studio and concert site.  Over 1,000,000 people visit the saloon annually.  

I've lived here 13 years and have never been inside the place.  I guess that's what happens when one lives so close to something, no?

For more information on the Wildhorse, click here.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


While at Banjos, Butterflies and Blueberries on Saturday, I found one little cluster of blueberries.  Wouldn't they be great with a little fresh cream?  

Please note:  I'm off to the Murray State campus until next Saturday for our summer residency.  I won't be able to comment much as classes run from early morning until late evening.  Please forgive me!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Skywatch Friday: Building Against the Blue

While walking through downtown last Saturday, I noticed this building pointing to the blue, blue sky.   I took the photo without noting the building's name.  Sorry.

Here's what I want to know, though:  Would it not be great to have a corner office in this building?  You would have views of two sides automatically.  However, would your desk be triangular?  :-)

Please note:  I am off to the Murray State campus until next Saturday for the summer residency, so I'll be unable to comment since classes run from early morning until late night.  Please forgive me if I'm quiet!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rusty Wheel

We saw the rusty wheel shown above at Madison Creek Farm Saturday, and the left spoke was the subject of yesterday's "What is it Wednesday?"  I liked how it just seemed to add to the atmosphere just by casually leaning on the old fence.

One thing I could not help but think about was how uncomfortable it would have been riding in a wagon that had four metal wheels.  I guess I shouldn't complain about the poor shocks in some cars in which I've ridden lately.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What is it? Wednesday?

I saw this while we were walking around one of the places we visited over the weekend.

What is it?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Be Nice

When I owned my store, most of our customers were extremely thoughtful, pleasant and downright nice.  At times, however, there were a few people - not regulars - who could be pretty rude.  I often wondered where they got (or left) their manners.

As we were walking around downtown Saturday evening, I saw this sign posted near the entrance of a souvenir shop.  I would have loved to post it in my store!

Monday, July 7, 2008

First Saturday Art Crawl

The first Saturday of each month, downtown Nashville art galleries host an Art Crawl.  A number of galleries, many of which are in the downtown Arcade, open their doors from 6-9 PM to introduce Nashvillians to a host of contemporary artists.  In addition to viewing the art, patrons have the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine and talk with artists and other visitors.
While all of the galleries are within walking distance, a shuttle is available to take visitors to galleries that are a few blocks from the Arcade and 5th Avenue.

We toured a number of galleries last evening, including The Showroom, TAG Art Gallery, and Twist Art Gallery in the Arcade, and The Rhymer Gallery and The Arts Company on 5th Avenue.  I took the photo of The Rhymer Gallery (below) from Twist on the upper level of the Arcade.  

The two pieces I enjoyed most last night were sculptures.  The first, in the Rhymer Gallery, was a cat made entirely of yellow and blue Crayola crayons.  Unfortunately, I don't remember the artist's name.  The second was a metal sculpture done by Brother Mel, a Marionist monk/artist.  His story is quite amazing, and I'll share it at another time when I show you his work.

The poster featured in the main photo today (top) is an ad for the Art Crawl.  You may recognize its unmistakeable style as it's done by Hatch Show Print, one of the oldest letterpress print shops in the country.  Since the late 19th Century, Hatch has designed and made posters for musical artists, circuses, festivals, carnivals, restaurants, and more.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Banjos, Butterflies and Blueberries

Yesterday was a busy day at NDP.  Michael and I drove up to Madison Creek Farm, host of Banjos, Butterflies and Blueberries.  The Howling Brothers (above) supplied the banjos via their music.  The flowers (and nature) supplied beautiful butterflies.  The farm supplied blueberries (mostly in pies).

The 38-acre farm is located in Goodlettesville, a little north of downtown Nashville.   The farmhouse (The bros. are on the farmhouse porch.) was built in 1919, although there have been two additions.  Visitors are welcome to stroll the grounds and walk through the vegetable, flower and herb gardens.  Madison Creek Farm is dedicated to organic farming and uses no pesticides or herbicides.  The many flowers on the property were beautiful.

You can find out a little more about Madison Creek by clicking here.

And, you can find out a little more about the Howling Brothers by clicking here.

Tomorrow, I'll show you a little of what we did later in the day.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Let Freedom Sing Fireworks Extravaganza

Let Freedom Sing, The Music City 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, has been called the second-best fireworks display in the country.  The Nashville Symphony performs patriotic songs while the fireworks soar over the heads of attendees.  Last year, over 100,000 people attended the festival, a day-long festival held at Riverfront Park which is on the west bank of the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville.

The all-day event starts around noon when the Family Zone and numerous food booths open to crowds of people.   At 3 PM, a live music show begins, and acts perform most of the afternoon and evening until the fireworks start.  The artists performing this year included Phil Vassar, Michael McDonald, The WannaBeatles, Barry Scott, Les Kerr and the Bayou Band, The Lost Trailers, and Max Q.
Because of our neighborhood party and because we're not too wild about fighting crowds and traffic, we found a place about 3 miles from Riverfront Park from which I could shoot some photos. About 25 other people were in the empty lot with us, and one happened to have on his car radio so we could all hear the symphony playing.  I shot about 75 photos and am sharing two shots with you.

ADDED NOTE:  Our vantage point was downwind of the fireworks, so there was a lot of smoke that blew in our direction.  I've tried to crop most of it out of these photos.

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Neighborhood Celebration Sign


In keeping with my Mini-theme of signs, I thought I'd post a photo of the sign from our neighborhood.

Every 4th of July, our subdivision has a bike parade for the kids.  Kids decorate their bikes, wagons, themselves and march from the community flagpole to the community pool.  This year, our cul-de-sac has decorated a large wagon that one of the dads will pull with his truck.

In the evening, the adults and kids gather by the pool for a potluck dinner,* music and fireworks.  Our cul-de-sac usually has its own cookout and fireworks.  Michael and I plan to  join the cookout tonight, although we are going to head downtown after 8 for the Nashville fireworks celebration.  I should have photos of this nationally celebrated event tomorrow.

*For those who may not know what a potluck dinner is, it is a dinner or supper where each person/family brings food that everyone attending shares.  Popular potluck dishes include lasagna, salads of all kinds, casseroles, etc.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

This Sign Drives Me Crazy

If I had thought this through better, I would have posted this photo yesterday and kept "What is it Wednesday?" going with a slight change:  What is it about-this-sign-that-drives-me-crazy Wednesday?  However, since I didn't think to do that, I'll just have to rant about it myself.

While walking through the TACA Arts and Craft Fair in both October and May, I saw this sign gracing the side of the tent that held activities for children.  The sign should read:  Just For Kids.  The apostrophe is used to show possession, not pluralization.  The only exceptions - and even these are debated - is when pluralizing numbers (There were five number 2's in the deck of cards.), letters (How many B's did you get on your report card?)  and sometimes words (The no's have it.).  Journalists who use the AP Stylebook do not use the apostrophe to pluralize even nouns in those three categories.

I cannot figure out how or why Americans suddenly started using an apostrophe to pluralize nouns.  The manager of the Albertson's store I frequented when I lived in Las Vegas actually changed a number of signs because I pointed out that the plural of pizza is "pizzas," not "pizza's;" that the plural of tomato is "tomatoes," not "tomato's;" that the plural of  orange is "oranges," not "orange's."  I did seek out fair officials to mention the error on this sign both times, and, of course, they didn't change it between the two shows.  

You may ask why I care so much about the mistakes on signs.  First of all, a business should be professional and use correct grammar and spelling in its store publications and advertising and on store displays and signs.  Secondly, children see these incorrect signs and assume that since they are displayed in stores or businesses, they are correct.  

Off the grammatical soapbox for today. . . . .

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sign of the Times Redux - Sign Mini-Theme#2

I found this telling sign in Hillsboro Village, an area of town close to Vanderbilt University.  The sign belongs to a service station that offers car repairs but no gas now.  I didn't stop long enough to ask the owner if the cost forced him to stop selling gas, but I know that has happened to a few stations in the area.

In 1979, the United States experienced a gas crisis not unlike the one we're going through right now.  The big difference, of course, was that gas at that time cost about 1/4 of what it costs right now.  I remember buying gas for less than $1/gallon in the 70s, and I remember how frantic the public became when the price inched over $1/gallon.  Oh, that we should have that problem now!  

At the time, my husband, Bob Orr (now of CBS News) and Derrick Blakely (now of WBBM in Chicago) worked together at WBNS in Columbus, Ohio and did a one-hour special on the gas crisis.  Running On Empty looked at the gas crisis in general and its affect on the people of Central Ohio in particular, and earned my husband and his colleagues their first Emmys.   Oh how much we change and how much we stay the same!  If you have any desire to read about the 1979 gas crisis, click here.

Please note:  I have to suspend "What is it Wednesday?" this week due to my mini-theme look at signs around the mid-state area.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Theme Day: "NO" SIGNS

The first day of the month is always THEME DAY with City Daily Photo bloggers, and this month's theme is "NO SIGNS."    While the signs above do not technically say "NO," the one does advise no admittance.

I shot this photo because of the juxtaposition of the two signs with the porta-potty.  I found it absolutely hilarious that it seems as though the one sign advises the porta-potty is a hard hat area, and the other sign advises that one must keep out of the potty.  

Of course, the signs really have nothing to do with the porta-potty.  Actually, I have no idea why they are really by that particular lot as the only thing on it other than the potty is the office construction trailer,

I spent a couple of days shooting signs around the Nashville area, and over the next few days, I'll show you more.

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