Friday, July 3, 2009

One Thing I'll Miss (But not Top Ten)

I'm going to miss the Titans. We didn't go to many games - maybe one or two a year - but I did enjoy them. It seems that there's a lot of energy in the city during the season and on game days, and I really like that.

One big reason that I think I really like the Titans is because most of the players and coaching staff seem to be pretty down-to-earth. In a league that is filled with headcases - and the Titans have had a few - the Titans seem to be pretty grounded and nice guys. When the team first came to town in 1998, two of the players lived across the street from us, and they and their friends were just regular guys. And, in the kingdom of coaches, Jeff Fisher seems to be the type of guy who inspires responsible behavior both on and off the field.

A Cincinnati Bengals fan for years, I was sure that I would remain one forever. I find the antics of many of the Bengals a little too spoiled for my blood. I still like the Bengals, but I find I'm a Titan fan and will be one for years to come.