Monday, October 20, 2008

Victorian Bell Buckle

Founded in 1852, Bell Buckle was once a stop on the railroad between Nashville and Chattanooga, and in the 1870s, it housed a major stockyard.   Trains no longer stop in Bell Buckle, but the tiny town is home to a number of antique stores and specialty shops.  Victorian homes like the one above dot the town today.  In its heyday, Bell Buckle's population was about 1000.  The 2000 census lists 391 inhabitants in town.

There is dispute as to how the town was named.  Some say that early settlers say a cow bell and buckle carved into a tree and thought them a sign from Indians to warn them off.  Others say surveyors carved the symbols on the tree to advise others of good pasture land.  Still others say that some settlers found a cow bell and a buckle tied to a tree and named the town after those.

Tomorrow:  Main Street 


Abraham Lincoln said...

I thought it was interesting to see the bell tower or tower on the porch. I guess this Victorian didn't have the cash to make it a real tower so the roof would do. Neat photo.

Jim said...

The owners have made that house look real nice.

D said...

Beautiful house!
Sounds like a nice town to visit.
Next time we get to Nashville, we'll have to make an extra stop.

Lady Di Tn said...

First of all, a belated Happy Anniversay. I love old house, oh heck I love anything OLD. Thanks for sharing. The play on words made me LOL "Leaf me Alone". Cute. Peace

Jana said...

What a beautiful house! Glad to see its being used and not left to rot.

brian said...

what a beautiful old house! i love this, nice photo!

14 more days! our early voting starts this week, so i'll go down before saturday. my grandmother voted 'straight democratic' today =)

Virginia said...

Bell Buckle, wasn't that a military school for guys? I think I knew a few that went there. Hmmmm.
I miss you but know that you are working hard and a house for sale to boot. We eagerly await your return to the blogosphere.