Wednesday, October 15, 2008

31 Years Ago Today. . . . .

Marriage is like a fine wine, 
as it ages, it just gets better.  
Look at all the good times, and 
leave behind the bad  for there 
are more wonders you will find 
in each as time passes by.
~ Unknown

I was going to write this big post about love and marriage today, but I decided I would just write that today is our 31st anniversary.  Wow.  I thought he carried me through that doorway just yesterday.

Happy Anniversary, Punkin.


Abraham Lincoln said...

It is a nice and memorable time in your lives to photograph.

And I clicked on it to see what you guys looked like back in them days and I almost thought I saw Elvis Presley sideburns or were they called, Pork Chop sideburns?

I was not able to tell but for a moment it reminded me of those days when that style was very popular.

Jim said...

Punkin? LOL

Happy anniversary! Now for the next 31.

Kate said...

It's a great photo to share with your blogger friends. You're lookin' better every day and don't seem to have aged at all, Chris!

Jilly said...

well how about that! Many congratulations. A lovely photo, wonderful memories and obviously a great marriage. Happy Anniversary! Open the champers - you'll find some on Monte Carlo today but unfortunately the bottle is finished - just imagine tho it was you and your husband who drunk it!

Denton said...

Happy anniversary. You both look so young when your married ... Connie and I celebrate our 38 anniversary next month.

I also use punkin as an endearment. If Abe uses the same endearment then we may have found the secret to long loving marriages (smile).

Clueless in boston said...

Happy Anniversary. I agree with Kate about you looking better now.

Ming the Merciless said...

OMG, you KIDS are sooo cute together.

You should ask him to carry you again for a new photo. :-)