Saturday, October 25, 2008

Turkey Legs, Anyone?

At the Webb School Arts and Craft Festival last weekend, the Bell Buckle Fire Department was selling turkey legs ($7 each or two for $12).  We saw a bunch of people munching on turkey legs as they sat and rested on hay bales (or the ground) or as they walked around the town.  Until recently, I had not seen turkey legs offered at any venue, but they must be a popular item these days as I've seen them at several craft shows and fairs recently.  Personally, I'm not wild about the legs on a roasted turkey, so I don't think I'd eat one that was smoked over a pit.


Frankie / Nick said...

Interesting, other than in the groceterias we have not seen turkey legs for sale ourselves. On that note haven't had a chance to ponder it but it might beat hot dogs and greasy hamburgers though, lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh. How do you explain munching on a turkey leg to an alien?

Today, October 25th, is my birthday -- I am 74 years old.

GMG said...

Ola Chris! You gave up visiting our blogs? We miss you... ;))
Have a great weekend!

Lady Di Tn said...

The first ones I saw were at the Titian games, and that is too much leg for me. I prefer white meat any day and less grease. Peace