Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Media Tent for Debate

Over 3000 members of the national and international media descended on Belmont University for last night's Presidential Debate.  They worked from the 25,000 square-foot media tent (above) set in the middle of the Belmont Campus.

If you look at the horizon in the middle of the photo, you'll see the ATT Tower, aka the Batman Building.  Click here to see my post on this building when it was the BellSouth Tower.


Jilly said...

This has been so interesting, Chris seeing how the debate took over parts of Nashville.

Now we wait for the pundits to tell us who won. It was on at 3 in the morning here in France so I didn't see it. Might get to see a repeat later tho.

Jim said...

Huge tent, I think the debate was a slam dunk for Obama.

Lynette said...

Interesting series on the debate. Do you have any idea why Mississippi and Tennessee, Southern states for sure, got to host the first two presidential debates? I've been wondering.