Thursday, October 30, 2008

Poland BBQ King

After two days of Code Blue, we're back to the BBQ:
The Poland BBQ Kings photograph me as I photograph them while they hand out BBQ during the Jack Daniels Championship Invitational BBQ last Saturday.  Team Poland was one of 18 international teams to compete in the championship.  

The highest-placing international team was Barbecue Symphony from Estonia.  They placed 19th overall.  World Barbecue Team from Switzerland won the Home Cooking from the Homeland category (international recipes).  We had some of the Swiss team's entry and liked it a lot.  We also tasted a bit of both Poland and Estonia's entries.

Not just anyone can compete in "The Jack."  In order to be eligible to compete, American teams must have won one or more of the following:
* * * a state championship that has 25+ participants
* * * a championship in an event with 50+ participants
* * * a championship in a world event such as Memphis in May or the American Royal

Tomorrow:  Happy Halloween

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Abraham Lincoln said...

I never really knew there was such a thing as a BBQ King. I know there are some who wish they were. LOL

I am doing something different on my Gordon blog. I set out to photograph and describe every house in the village where I was born in 1934.

Gordon, Ohio