Thursday, August 7, 2008

What ls It Wednesday? Revealed: "Ain't I Sweet?"

Wow.  I thought that yesterday's photo was quite obvious!  As you probably can tell by today's photo, it was a close-up (macro) of Decker's nose/nostril.  He saw me with the camera the other day, and being the HUGE ham that he is, he came over and posed.  The dog is a camera hound (No pun intended. . .HA!).  So, Abe Lincoln was correct in his guess!

I do want to point out that the dog's nose is quite amazing.   Until I took the close-up of Decker's nose, I had not noticed the white spots on it.  Decker loves to sunbathe, and most mornings, he'll find where the sunlight comes through the windows and fall asleep in the sun.  His nose, as you may have noticed, is quite dark.  Kasey, our female, is not wild about sleeping in the sun, and her nose is quite a bit lighter.

(Side note:  As I write this, we are watching The Great American Dog.  I think they missed a good one [See photo above. ;-)].)

By the way, Decker was a little insulted that people thought his nose a slimy creature. He insists that he's a superior being!  :-)


Jilly said...

Oh dear, I really should have got that, shouldn't I? Now I look, it's so obvious. Grrrrrrr to me. Am appalled with myself. Please apologise to Decker for the slimy comment!

What great photos you took, Chris - meaning yesterday's and today's. Fab looking dog you have there.

Dogs can get sunburn, you know. Oh and by the way, I think The Great American Dog missed a good dog too. Go Decker!

USelaine said...

pssst! don't tell decker. i thought it was a cow's nose!

D said...

Oh yea. I thought it was something reptilian. I'm so glad it was a mammal. And a very photogenic one at that.
Decker IS the Great American Dog!

Anonymous said...

Nope. Not slimy at all. It could also have been a cow's nose and I could just see a cow's tongue slurping into that nostril you posted yesterday.

Since I didn't think you were around cows I guess it was a dog's nose and am proud of myself for being right once. LOL

I like the whole dog much better though.

Halcyon said...

Ok, it seems very obvious now that you have told us what it was.

Decker is a cutie. And we all know that terriers are the smartest dogs! :)

Knoxville Girl said...

oh, Decker is soooo cute! and now we know he's healthy with that wet nose.

babooshka said...

Right idea wrong animal. Very cute image.

Lynette said...

Well, I never, ever would have gotten this one right. I have to tell you that when I first started scrolling to the whole photo, I thought, "Oh, it's hominy that she's changed the color of with some sort of photo editing program." Well, when I saw the whole photo (pun intended), I knew I was way, way off the mark. Shocked so, I couldn't come up with a guess.

Decker is a doll! Mr. Lincoln's thoughts on him and how he got it right are splendid.

Ming the Merciless said...

Oh my gosh, Decker is too cute for words!!

Chris said...

yOu guYs GOt gUd taStE in cUTe doGs!