Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nashville Shore?

Nashville is pretty landlocked, even though we do have a number of bodies of water around here.  I have yet to see any shells on the shores of any of them, though.  

We decided to take a short drive (13 hours. . .UGH) south to visit our son in Ft. Myers this weekend.  I found these shells and sponge on a beach on Sanibel Island and thought I would share them with you.  Sanibel Island is one of the most famous places to find shells of all kinds.  Supposedly, people flock to the beaches in the morning to collect them, and their bent-over posture has been called the "Sanibel Stoop."

By the way, there is a waterpark in Nashville called Nashville Shores.  I haven't been, but the daughter of a good friend was a lifeguard there for years, and the place is really nice. . . .It just doesn't have sea shells!


Anonymous said...

My daughter always goes to Sanibel Island for shells and another place for shark's teeth. And she brings them home and breaks them out and shows us and then that's it for another year or two.

Carlos said...

Hi Chris, as you said we are in Miami and we will travel to Orlando too. I see that you go to Ft. Myers so we will be somewhat near but you know there are many miles in between. Have a nice weekend and thanks so much for your comment. I wish I could meet you and have a little chat but it won't be possible. I am having a great time here in Florida. Best wishes.

Virginia said...

Oh Sanibel, did you get to the Bubble Room for dinner? My friends that vacation there always talk about it. Hope you got a treasure trove of shells. The Gulf coast is the best.

Ming the Merciless said...

I have three dried starfish on my shelves and I bought them at South Street Seaport, a shopping mall. :-)

So did you experience the Sanibel Stoop?