Monday, August 11, 2008

Railroad Bridge

While we were out shooting one evening, I noticed how nice the this bridge is lit at night.  The bridge supports a very busy railroad track, and during the day, I hardly notice it.  It's amazing how the night lighting brings out the artistic aspects of the bridge.

This bridge is, by the way, on the south side of Bicentennial Mall.  I'm standing on a plaza that contains a huge map of Tennessee.


GMG said...

Ola Chris ! Beautiful shot!!
You missed 08.08.08 at Blogtrotter, but you’re still in time to get there a non-resident view of NYC and more… ;))
Have a great week!

Jim said...

It looks so well maintained. Is it new? The lighting is great.

Rambling Round said...

Very nice at night!

Virginia said...

You are great with the night photography. Moi? Not so much. Pointers??

D said...

Hey Chris, I posted a railroad bridge/tressel today too! Yours is really beautiful with the lighting.

Halcyon said...

Very nice photo. You should post one from the same place in the day so we can see the difference.

The night always has a way of making things more romantic. :)