Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beagle Baby

A lot of people who attend the fair and festivals in Centennial Park bring their dogs with them.  I have brought mine at times, but terriers (mine especially) tend to want to greet everyone and everything a little too enthusiastically, so I  usually leave them at home rather than risk breaking a piece of art or someone's arm.  :-)  Of course, since I leave Kasey and Decker home, I get to greet the myriad of four-legged creatures lucky enough to meander through the booths and exhibits. 

We came upon this adorable Beagle a few times.  Being only 5 or 6 months old, she was quite curious about everything around her.  I was so taken with her that I forgot to ask her name.  Darn.  My husband loves Beagles, and I think one would make a great companion for K & D.  He's not so sure.  Double darn!

Answer to What Is It Wednesday?  Hammocks!

Tomorrow:  A guitar you wouldn't believe.


Halcyon said...

Awww... the beagle baby is a real cutie! I think he/she would get along great with terriers.

Aha! I knew it was a hammock. :D

Hilda said...

Such an adorable beagle! A friend warned me though that, like Snoopy, they really do howl at night.

I love the colors of the hammocks!

Jim said...

He looks so cute, he should be called Sport. My Dad had beagles when I was very little, I almost dont remember them.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Beagles are among my favorites and terriers are among the lot as well but our terriers were always either great danes or bull mastiffs and acted like them other dogs when in public.

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quinttarantino said...

My kingdom for a hammock!!!

Knoxville Girl said...

What a sweet picture. Beagles are very sweet tempered, but curious, and they do bay (not bark!) very loudly at anything that moves. My friends have a beagle, and she is familiar enough with me now that she doesn't howl anymore.

Jen, aka ChinaMom2005 said...

I would take it in a heartbeat. We have a beagle and shepherd. Our beagle is getting older and yes, he does bay now, did not as much when he was younger. He is also a big couch potato though. Love them. My next one, and there will be another one, will be name Barkley.

Ming the Merciless said...

What a cute puppy!! Nothing like a cute doggie to make me smile.

I met a new neighbor (3-year old golden retriever) in the elevator of my building today. She is so cute and friendly. I hope to bump into her again soon. ;-)

Mo said...

Beautiful beagle.