Monday, June 2, 2008

Children's Miracle Network Telethon

Saturday and Sunday, you may have seen the Children's Miracle Network Telethon on one of your local television stations.  NewsChannel5, the CBS affiliate in Nashville telecast the local segments from the Monroe Carell, Jr.  Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University.  Various news anchors and station personalities hosted the broadcast which also featured stories about patients, doctors, nurses and others involved.   Volunteers from throughout the community answered donation phones, and children of station personnel appeared on set every hour to update viewers on the total raised at that point.  The little kids are especially excited to visit and appear on the set at times.

The Children's Miracle Network is a nonprofit organization that raises money to help families and to benefit the programs of various children's hospitals around the country.  While a lot of the money comes through individual donations, many corporations donate checks, also.  While we were at the telethon, local Costco employees presented two checks (more than $20,000) to the telethon hosts.  This year, the telethon raised $1.6 million, down about $500,000 from last year.

To read more about Children's Miracle Network, click here.

Side note:  Thanks to all of you for your kind words about my post yesterday.  In a way, Paper Moon was like my baby.  I birthed it, watched it grow, played with it, had fun with it, stressed over it, worried about it, and loved it, and grieved over it.  Thank you for understanding.


quinttarantino said...

Chris, mais um post muito interessante.
Mais uma iniciativa louv√°vel.

smilnsigh said...

I'm familiar with this kind of a local fund raising, on tv.

And thank you very much, for noticing that I had not posted photos, in my 'Photos-City-Mine' blog, for a day or two. And asking if all was ok. Asking if I had more blogging troubles... That is very sweet and perceptive of you.

Yes, all is ok, but I did lose time {on more than one of my blogs}, over the weirdness of getting that threatening email. Not that it scared me. Or made me fold to the person's *demands." But someone did. Folded.

Even though they did NOT get the email, themselves! Just me! That email hollered about more than just me. But only sent this kind of an email, to me!

But, it caused a folding. Yish... Some people are just toooo sweeeeeeeeeet, me thinks. -sigh-

Anyway, it made me stop and figure out, how to proceed with my blogging, in my own way, from now on. No folding to weird threats! No being sweet-sweet-sweet, just to fit in with a certain crowd in what I call 'Pretty Blog Land,' either.

I figured it out. I am more free, than I have been, since joining in 'Pretty Blog Land.' And that has to be a goooood result of a weird series of events. :-)))

Again, thank you for asking if I am ok.


Jim said...

I like the way they have the kids on TV. Looks like fun for them.

schmeak said...

Actually the 2008 total increased by $20,000....instead of a $500,000 decrease.