Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alan Daigre-Meet the People of Middle TN

I thought I would introduce you to a few of the people who make Nashville and Middle Tennessee what they are.

Last month, I showed you a few beautiful, handmade rockers done by Alan Daigre.  He displayed them at TACA, an arts and crafts festival held in Centennial Park twice a year.  Today, I introduce you to Alan.  

Alan designed the rockers himself, and he handcarves the pieces, sands them, and connects them with one piece of rope.  When you sit on the chair, the pieces conform to the shape of your body, making the rocker very comfortable and relaxing.

Hey, Alan.  Your rockers rock!  (Literally and figuratively)

Click here to see the rockers, again.


Abraham Lincoln said...

It took me all of five minutes trying to figure out where the rope went and then it dawned on me where it is and now it all makes sense. I would buy one of them if it was sitting outside my door. Boy are they nice just to look at.

Happy Father's Day to the fathers in your family.

I hear cardinals, carolina wrens, grackle babies wanting fed, and other nature sounds and the sky in the east is getting brighter and the air is cool and the doors are open and so are the windows. I am blessed on this Father's Day morning.

Jilly said...

Lovely portrait, Chris. He looks a really nice guy, not to mention talented.

Jim said...

For some reason I pictured him as really old. Maybe because we dont see this kind of craftsmanship done anymore. Alan isnt old at all, probably my age.