Monday, June 9, 2008

Nashville's Ambassador of Laughs

As I posted yesterday, NewsChannel5's NewsHound travels the world with me.  He's been all over the States, attended my trade shows, flown on planes and gone on cruises, and visited a number of countries in Europe.  He does spend a lot of time in my bag, it's true, but when we stop somewhere, he comes out so I can take a photo of him.  He always attracts attention, and people are apt to smile and laugh when they see him enjoying the same activities that Michael and I enjoy.  Above, he is enjoying a local beverage in the main square of Bruges, Belgium.  I had a diet coke . . . and waffle.

He does have his own scrapbooks, by the way.

NOTE:  Abraham asked me a question about the news business in comments yesterday.  I answered him in the comment section today.


Chris said...

Abe asked about news yesterday, so I thought I'd answer here:

My husband is in charge of the news department. He hires the producers, anchors, reporters, photographers, editors, etc. and supervises everything that you do and don't see.

The producers are the ones that put the shows together. They and the anchors write the stories that don't have video. Reporters, of course, write their own stories. Photographers do the shooting, and editors edit video.

The staff has a morning meeting where they discuss story ideas and assign stories for the day. They have the same in the early afternoon to update. All reporters, producers, working etc. attend each meting.

Assignment editors man the phones and scanners and send out reporters/photos for breaking news throughout the day.

My husband and his assistant news director approve scripts before they go on the air.

No one tells them what they can and cannot show you. As a matter of fact, they have done some in depth investigative stories on companies and lost advertising because of them.

There is a ton of planning that goes into a show. He leaves the house around 6 am and gets home between 7 and 7:30 pm. He's been in TV news since college. . .

Halcyon said...

Not all anchors write their own stories. I worked the morning newscast and we wrote all the copy. The anchors would look things over and make changes if they wanted to, but we did all the writing and legwork. The reporters, of course, did their own pieces.

Working in a news room is very exciting actually. I loved it. I did not, however, love the hours. When you do the morning show, you work overnight.

On topic, the news hound is a cutie. Will we be seeing more of him?

Chris said...

Halcyon - That not all anchors write their own stories is true, but here, at least, they do write/edit quite a bit.

And, yes. . . .I'll show more of him. I still think I'd make a great live one. . . . . ;-)

Olivier said...

superbe, tu vas faire un beau voyage et découvrir notre très belle Europe.
Et puis je trouve cela sympathique de faire le voyage avec NewsHound (un peu comme moi avec mon Amedée). Bon voyage, et donne nous de tes nouvelles.

superb, you'll make a beautiful travel and discover our beautiful Europe.
And then I think it is nice to travel with NewsHound (just like me with my Amedée). Bon voyage, and give us your news.

babooshka said...

The photo is hilarious. I'm so glad you gave Abe an indepth answer. My partner is a freelance political cartoonist, one of his gigs is the BBC and they have lawyers picking through the catoons he supplies before they go website live. For me to see that contributors have free reign is an eye opener. My partner was really astounded at this and has said this set up would be perfect for him.
Again you have produced a terrfic informative post for me and foof for thought for my partner.

Ming the Merciless said...

I was in Bruge too, in 2005 when I spend the Thanksgiving weekend in Belgium. I took the red eye from NYC to Brussels on Wednesday night and arrived on Thursday morning. Then back to NYC on Sunday afternoon and back at school on Monday.

Did News Hound meet the little pissing boy in Brussels?

Jim said...

I bet he loves the European beer.

brian said...

nice to see him enjoying a little beer!

Jen, aka ChinaMom2005 said...

Interesting to read how a bigger market breaks down the work. My husband is assignment editor/online content manager for a much smaller market where budget cuts are making all those lines very blurred, as evidenced by his double title. Most of the reporters are becoming their own photographers/editors!