Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lazzaroli's #2

The minute I walked into Lazzaroli's for the first time, I fell in love with it.  It wasn't so much the decor, which is very nice (above), but the smell was wonderful!  The blended smell of tomatoes and garlic and onion and cheese was wonderfully aromatic.  It reminded me of the stores of my childhood and of my grandmother's kitchen.

I make my own pasta and ravioli, although I will buy both if they are handmade and different from the kind I make.  The first time we went to Lazzaroli's, I bought goat cheese/pear ravioli.  I fixed it with a brown butter sauce, which we liked, although I would have preferred to make a light cheese/cream sauce.  Since I don't keep milk in the house, though, that was out.  The ravioli was great.  We may try the pumpkin ravioli next.

Lazzaroli's is located in Germantown in what I think is an old house.  The offer all kinds of things in the store - fresh pastas, sauces, cheeses, olives, take and bake meals, etc.  They will make vegan and wheat-free pasta, although they don't currently make gluten-free pasta.  By visiting their website, you can find out more about them and get recipes.


Lynette said...

Yummy! I believe you've come upon the motherlode!

Congrats on your photo's selection for the program.

Loved browsing all of your recent posts.

I see you still have your arm in a sling--right?

Have a great day!

Chris said...

RE: My shoulder . . . It is out of the sling. . .has been for 4 weeks or so. Unfortunately, the shoulder is frozen, meaning that it will move only so far. Last week, the surgeon has given me 2 weeks to loosen it myself or he is going to have to put me under anesthesia and unfreeze it. They have no idea why this happens to some people and not to others. augh

Thanks for asking.

Lynette said...

Whoa! I'll be thinking of you as the time passes.

George Townboy said...

Beautiful photo!! I'm starving now.

Ming the Merciless said...

I love home made pasta. The taste is so different from the dried ones.

Good luck on the shoulder. I hope it unlocks itself without more surgery.