Sunday, June 8, 2008

NewsHound and Me

I thought I'd spend a few days on a pretty light topic.

If you have been a regular visitor to my blog, you might know that my husband is the news director at NewsChannel5 (WTVF-TV), the CBS affiliate in Nashville.  As is common with many stations around the country, NewsChannel5 has a mascot, NewsHound (above).  NewsHound comes in many shapes and forms, including the "beanie" shown above, a larger, stuffed NewsHound, a phone, and a costumed human one that appears at football games and other events.  

NewsHound is a very lucky guy as he gets to travel around with me and see the world.  He's been all over the States, as well as Europe and the Caribbean.  In the photo above, he was trying to escape my carry-on since our flight out of Nashville was delayed, and he needed a little fresh air.

Tomorrow:  I'll show you NewsHound visiting a famous site.


Jim said...

Fresh air? I think he is saying help me, crazy lady has me trapped in this dark bag!

Steve Buser said...

A interesting sidekick for your blog.

brian said...

what a nice photo, and interesting profession your husband has as well... your ticket in the background appears to be somewhat dog-eared =)

Halcyon said...

I did not know your husband worked for the news channel. My very first job was as a news producer at the CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City. :)

Abraham Lincoln said...

At last I have found a real news director's place. LOL.

Is news really managed?

I mean, does the news director really decide what goes on the evening news cast or are the reporters allowed to pick and choose?

I have always claimed that all news is managed news.

We see what someone wants us to see in much the same way the White House gives stories to reporters, but only the stories they want to give. No dirty little secrets here.

I think the news hound is cute.

quinttarantino said...

Man, as we say here in Portugal, "há cães que têm sorte!" ... :) such a travelled lad that Newshound doggie is!

Ming the Merciless said...

News Hound is adorable. Is he like a lucky charm to you? He's one fortunate fellow to get to travel all over the world with you.

I know someone who put herself through college by selling rare beanie babies on Ebay in the late 1990s when they (beanie) were highly collectibles.