Friday, November 2, 2007

Nashville City Cemetery

The three graves in the forefront of this photo are of the Ewing Family. Andrew Ewing, whose monument is the tall one on the right, was the clerk of the first government during Nashville's formation.

Opened in 1822, the City Cemetery is the oldest continuously operated public cemetery in Nashville. This cemetery holds the remains of many early settlers. Most prominent would be James Robertson, the founder of Nashville. Four Civil War generals also lie in rest here.

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quintarantino said...

Funny... when I saw the Ewings I remembered that soap serial called Dallas!!

Andrea said...

I thought of DALLAS too when I saw the name Ewings. I love to walk through cemeteries. Seeing all the names and dates and wondering what happened to them.

Anonymous said...

Ewings are related to the Lincolns especially around the Civil War era. I used to correspond with an Ewing who was deeper into genealogy than me.

I wonder what those Civil War generals would think of Nashville today, in 2007? That would make some interesting reading and might give Larry King more than even he could handle.