Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Methodist

Just round the corner from the Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church (shown here) is the First United Methodist Church. When he founded Franklin in 1799, Abram Maury donated land a few blocks away for the building (Church and 1st) of the church, making FUMC the oldest congregation in town. Forty years later, the church relocated to Church and 2nd Avenue. During the Civil War, Union troops occupied the building, and eventually made it a hospital. In 1869, the church purchased - for $300 - the small, triangular piece of land on which it now stands. Completed in 1871, the church had approximately 230 members.

As Franklin has grown, so has membership in the church, now standing at approximately 2,700. The have four services each weekend, two in the church, and two in the church's gymnasium. While there are plans to build a new church on land they purchased outside of the downtown area, FUMC will keep the historic sanctuary to use for special services.


Me said...

That is a pretty building, classic lines. I'm glad the plan is to keep it. I have seen churches sell out to developers, and it is a shame to lose such beautiful buildings.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't work as a dance hall. Somehow it looks like a church. Have you ever noticed how buildings fit specific things?

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Interesting story and building. I didn't know they could have gyms too!

Rambling Round said...

Looks a lot like the Methodist church that I attended as a child. It seems the different denominations generally have particular architecture styles.

quintarantino said...

Olá Chris:
história interessante e uma bela foto.
Gosto muito da igreja. Bonita.
(if you have trouble with this, let me know).