Thursday, November 8, 2007

"I want to tell you all a story. . . ."

Harpeth Valley Elementary School sits on a piece of land not too far from the Harpeth River. Approximately 620 students attend classes in the five grades (K-4) at the school. Harpeth Valley consistently ranks at or near the top in student test scores.

When we first moved to Nashville in 1995, Harpeth Valley Elementary School occupied a very old, outdated and small building. The school district decided to rebuild, and construction on the new building (above) continued while students occupied the old building which sat in front of the current structure. Once the move to the new building was complete, the old school came down.

At one time, Tom T. Hall, country music artist and songwriter, lived in Franklin, TN, not too far from Harpeth Valley ES. He has said that he liked the way the school name sounded and it inspired him to write, "Harper Valley PTA." Hall did not base the song on anything that happened at the school, just on the sound of the name.

Jeannie C. Riley recorded the song in 1968, and it sold over 6,000,000 copies, making it a hit on both country and pop charts. The song was later the inspiration for a movie and TV series of the same name.


Anonymous said...

Do local residents pay for the new school through levys and property taxes? That is the way it is still done here even though it has been ruled unconstitutional.


Chris said...

Interesting you should ask that. . .We do pay through bonds and such, but in all the time we've been here (almost 12 years), I don't remember having anything on the Davidson County ballot. We are in an interesting situation as each county has its own school system, and there are 95 (rather small) counties in this state. We, like Ohio, have a lottery that supposedly helps schools. . . .Of course, our schools (TN), rank very low in per-pupil spending (44-59th depending on the source) and in total education spending per capita (48-50th depending on the source). Don't get me started. . . . .