Monday, August 13, 2007


Since 2003, nine bronze, nude, dancing figures have graced the roundabout on Music Row. The sculpture, created by artist Alan LeQuire, pays homage to the lifeblood of Nashville, music, through dance. The sculpture has been controversial as some were less-than-thrilled that the 15-foot dancers were nude, while others thought that a sculpture that is the focal point of Music Row should have more to do with country music than with frolicking Greeks.

I should point out, however, that while most people know Nashville for its country music roots, the other genres are big here, too. Nashville is second only to Los Angeles in the number of recordings made annually.

By the way, this is not my favorite photo, but since we were driving by it Sunday, I thought I would share Musica with you today. Note that I didn't give you full frontal views, either! :-)


David said...

It is a beautiful piece of art, although I'm not sure how it relates to any American music genre. It is unfortunate that it is controversial due to nudity, the human body is basic to us all and should always be considered good, acceptable, and decent. Since it is instead considered controversial, shameful, obscene, in this country it is no wonder why we have such problems with shameful and obscene behaviors! Thoughts become things, we are reaping what we are sowing. Anyway, I’m very glad to see a piece that publicly displays such a positive, joyful appreciation of the human body in this country, but I do wonder how it relates to American music!


Rambling Round said...

Whoa! I wonder if this statue has caused any drivers to do a double take and have a w0reck in the roundabout!

Chris said...

The artist's view is that dance is the physical expression of music. I often wonder if he had done a sculpture of square dancers if people would have said the same thing.

Regarding the double-take thought: To get photo ideas the other day, I was searching the tourist sites on the web and found one that mentioned Musica. In a red box, it warned that there was nudity at that roundabout.

Hyde DP said...

street sculpture can be so controversial for all sorts of reasons.

This is a joyous representation and should be enjoyed for what it is.