Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bicentennial Mall

Covering 19 acres in downtown Nashville, Tennessee's Bicentennial Mall was completed in 1996 to celebrate the state's 200th birthday. At the top of this photo, which I took from the northern most point of the mall, you can see the State Capitol (and some of downtown).

The pillars that you see in the forefront of the photo are part of the carillon which plays part of the Tennessee Waltz every 15 minutes. At the top of the hour, the carillon plays the entire song, followed by chimes representing the time and a few other Tennessee-related songs. Of interest is the fact that the 95 bells that make up the carillon represent the state's 95 counties.

In addition to being a state park, the mall is also an outdoor museum of Tennessee history. Included in the many monuments and exhibits on the mall are a 200-foot, granite map of Tennessee (featuring all of the waterways and communities in the state), a marble wall engraved with bits of Tennessee history that span thousands of years, a WWII memorial (a rotating granite globe that floats on water) that pays homage to the Tennesseans who fought the great war, and more. On either side of the mall is the Walkway of the Counties. Engraved in the sidewalk are facts about each county, including when it was established, its size and county seat.

A couple of side notes: The fountains in the photo that I posted earlier this month are part of Bicentennial Mall and are located behind the treeline that you see in the middle of this photo. In addition, the Farmers' Market (where I took a few other photos also posted earlier this month) is on the east side of the Mall (right side of this photo).


Rambling Round said...

Very lovely view. I would love to hear the Tennessee Waltz played by a carillon.

oldmanlincoln said...

A proud and progressive city. Nice photography too.