Friday, August 10, 2007

Give Me A Little Love(less)

One of the best-known restaurants in the Nashville area is the Loveless Cafe, known for good, country hams, fried chicken and delicious biscuits (The recipe remains a secret to this day.).

The Loveless got its start in the early 50s when Lon and Annie Loveless sold fried chicken and biscuits (made using Annie's secret recipe) to those traveling to and from Nashville on Hwy. 100. When business boomed, they converted rooms in the house to accommodate diners, and they expanded their offerings to include country ham and homemade jams and preserves. The Loveless changed hands a few times over the years, and each owner shared the biscuit recipe with the next. In 1985, the then-owners closed the motel and concentrated on the cafe and mail-order business. Sometime in 2003, new owners took over the Loveless, and, in 2004, they closed the cafe for renovations. The Loveless reopened with an expanded dining room (and kitchen), and the former motel rooms now house a number of shops, including the Loveless Country Market.

The picnic tables in front of the current Loveless are a reminder of the picnic tables from which Annie and Lon sold their fried chicken to hungry travelers over 50 years ago. And, although the motel has been closed for more than 30 years, the Loveless Neon still proclaims, "No Vacancy."


Rambling Round said...

Sounds and looks like a real relic to be treasured and frequented. Good biscuits are hard to beat!

Kim said...

Great shot. Love the neon glow! This reminds me so much of the road trips of my childhood. Almost as comforting as going to grandma's house. . .just seems familiar; and, I've never been to Nashville!

Lorrie Weis said...

Chris, Great new project!!! This remind me, let's do lunch when we can! I'll be down a lot this fall!
Love, Lorrie
P.S. You have a great eye for wonderful art photos.